Avionics Test & Simulation Interfaces

Leading the Industry with Reliable Avionics Test and Simulation Solutions

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Ballard Avionics Test and Simulation Interfaces deliver reliable performance and long life. They are available for all standard protocols, including MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429/708/717, Ethernet, serial and discrete. When paired with CoPilot®, our industry-leading test & analysis software, they provide an easy and powerful way to interact with avionics databuses.

Avionics Test Interfaces

Connect your PC laptop, desktop and tablet computers to avionics databuses with pocket-sized Ballard USB interfaces. Ease of use, versatility and comprehensive databus functionality have made these rugged adapters the industry favorite for avionics test, analysis and simulation in the lab and in the field. Avionics labs routinely integrate Ballard interface cards and full-featured network appliances into their test setups for powerful and reliable databus connection.  

Simulation Solutions

Complete your simulation system with a high-performance Ballard databus interface. These powerful interfaces are the preferred choice for training systems, system integration labs (iron birds), and flight simulators.