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UA2000 Avionics Interfaces for SuperSpeed USB 3.1

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Ballard pocket-sized USB adapters are the easy and portable way to interface your computer to avionics databuses. These highly-effective interfaces feature low power operation and proven performance with all avionics protocols including: MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, ARINC 708, ARINC 717, and Discrete I/O. The UA2000 enables computers to communicate with, simulate, test, and monitor avionics equipment and systems.

We introduced our reliable game-changing Ballard USB interfaces over 10 years ago. Since that time, they have become the industry’s most trusted and widely used USB Interfaces for avionics test & simulation. The UA2000 family builds on that success with an all-new USB 3.1 design that will serve your interface needs for years to come.

The Favorite Avionics Test Tool for Military and Commercial Customers Around the World

UA2000 with Jet

The New Standard

The Ballard UA2000 is ready for today and for tomorrow. As a functional replacement for our first generation USB products, you can readily interchange them with your existing units and current software with no application modification typically required. The included USB-A cable makes that easy. As the need arises, simply switch to the USB-C cable for native connection to USB 3, 4 and Thunderbolt to operate flawlessly with the latest computer models available now and in the future.

Put a New Tool in Your Pocket

UA2000 with Cable

One small tool does it all – databus test, analysis, simulation, and operation. Use it around the lab, in the field, or as an embedded device. Simply connect it to any available laptop, desktop, or tablet PC – it’s fully powered by the USB port. You’ll want to use it for all your interface applications:

  • Databus Analysis, Test, and Simulation
  • Weather radar, CDU, and T-R unit analysis, test, and simulation
  • Data Loading
  • Flightline and AOG Support
  • Replacing Plug-in Cards
  • Many More Uses in the Lab or in the Field

Easy-to-Use Supporting Software

UA2000 with Rugged Tablet

BTIDriver Universal API

The UA2000 includes the universal Ballard BTIDriver™ API, allowing you to quickly develop your own software applications. With only a few function calls, your program can operate the USB hardware and process messages to and from the avionics databuses. Functions include routines for transmitting, receiving, scheduling, recording, time-tagging, and manipulating data. With BTIDriver, application code migrates seamlessly to and from other Ballard devices, reducing development time and costs.

CoPilot Interactive Software

CoPilot® software, available as an option with special bundled pricing, provides easy-to-use, interactive tools for databus test, analysis, and simulation. CoPilot simplifies project development and provides added productivity through virtual instrument displays, flexible monitoring & analysis tools, and a powerful scripting engine.

Find out more about CoPilot Software.

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The UA2000 Family includes models for these avionics protocols:

MIL-STD-1553 Series

Enable computers to interface with MIL-STD-1553 equipment and systems. Depending on the hardware model, each 1553 channel may be either single-function, multi-function, or bus monitor only.

  • 1 or 2 dual-redundant channels
  • Full MIL-STD-1553 functionality: BC, RT, and/or Monitor; Error injection (Multi-function); LEDs indicate bus traffic and errors

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ARINC 429/717 Series

Enable computers to interface with ARINC 429/717 equipment and systems. Models are available with ARINC 429, ARINC 717, or a combination of both.

  • Up to 16 ARINC 429 channels (12R4T)
  • Up to 4 ARINC 717 channels (2R2T)
  • Full ARINC 429 functionality: Handles periodic and transfer protocols; Message filters and schedules; Standard and non-standard bit rates; Error detection and selective injection; Variety of syncs and triggers; Several message buffering schemes

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ARINC 708 Series

Enable computers to interface with ARINC 708 and custom weather radar display databuses. They feature extensive functionality for testing and simulating weather radar systems, CDUs (Control-Display Units), and T-R (Transmit-Receive) units.

  • Up to 4 channels (2R2T)
  • Full ARINC 708 functionality: Receive, Transmit, and Monitor; Direct coupled channels per 708; Strappable on-board termination

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UA2000 – Avionics Interfaces for SuperSpeed USB 3.1

UA2000 Blue Case

Standard Blue Case

UA2000 FTO Case

Flight Test Orange Case
(high-visibility case for flight test use)

Proven Performance

The UA2000 is the result of over 10 years of highly-successful avionics interfacing experience using USB.

Universal Compatibility

The all-new USB 3.1 design and low-power requirements mean the UA2000 is compatible with USB 2, USB 3, USB 4, and Thunderbolt™ ports. The product ships with both USB-C and USB-A cables for easy connection to current and future computer ports.

Powerful Protocol Engine

The UA2000 hardware performs all protocol processing, freeing your software to focus on high-level application-specific processing.

Small, Rugged, and Portable

The UA2000 easily fits in the palm of the hand and is equally at home in the lab or in the field. Flight Test Orange units are available for on-aircraft use.

Easy to Use

Plug and play and hot swap features make the UA2000 easy to install and move between computers. The unit is fully powered by the USB port.

Key Features

  • Interface USB to avionics databus protocols
  • Small, portable, and rugged
  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • Compatible with USB 2, USB 3, USB 4, and Thunderbolt™ ports
  • 8 programmable avionics discrete I/O
  • IRIG A/B PWM and AM
  • 64 MB Data Memory
  • 2 LED indicators:
    Green: Power, databus activity
    Red: User controllable
  • USB Cables Included:
    USB-C Locking to USB-C (5 ft/1.5 m)
    USB-C Locking to USB-A (5 ft/1.5 m)
  • FCC, CE and RoHS compliant
  • 3-year limited warranty standard

Ordering Information

Select your desired UA2000 Interface model(s) in the table below. For more information or to request a quote, call +1.425.339.0281 or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

UA2000 Models

ProtocolsChannelsHardware & CoPilot*Hardware Only
MIL-STD-15532 Multi-functionCP-UA2133UA2133
MIL-STD-15531 Multi-functionCP-UA2130UA2130
MIL-STD-15532 Single-functionCP-UA2122UA2122
MIL-STD-15531 Single-functionCP-UA2120UA2120
MIL-STD-15531 Multi-function, 1 Bus MonitorCP-UA2131UA2131
MIL-STD-15531 Single-function, 1 Bus MonitorCP-UA2121UA2121
MIL-STD-15532 Bus MonitorCP-UA2111UA2111
MIL-STD-15531 Bus MonitorCP-UA2110UA2110
MIL-STD-15534 Bus Monitor**CP-UA2140UA2140
ARINC 42912R4TCP-UA2440UA2440
ARINC 4298R4TCP-UA2430UA2430
ARINC 4294R2TCP-UA2420UA2420
ARINC 4291R1TCP-UA2410UA2410
ARINC 429 / ARINC 7178R4T / 2R2TCP-UA2431UA2431
ARINC 7172R2TCP-UA2401UA2401
ARINC 7082R2TCP-UA2720UA2720
ARINC 7081R1TCP-UA2710UA2710


*Includes optional CoPilot Test & Analysis Software at special bundled pricing
**Channels are non-redundant
nRnT = number of Receive/Transmit channels
Multi-function channels have protocol error injection capability and can simultaneously be a Bus Controller (BC), Bus Monitor (BM), and up to 32 Remote Terminals (RTs).
Single-function channels can be configured in software as either a Bus Controller (BC), a Bus Monitor (BM), or up to 32 Remote Terminals (RTs).


To order options, add the appropriate suffix to the end of the part number. Example: CP-UA2133/FTO

/FTO - Flight Test Orange case in place of the standard blue case
/NE   - No Enclosure, Printed Circuit Board Assembly only, for embedded use
/FXY - Conformal coating (Parylene)

Included Accessories

All UA2000 products (except /NE models) include:

• 1553 transformer-coupled I/O cable with PL-75 connectors (3 ft) (MIL-STD-1553 models only)
• USB-C to USB-C cable with screw-locks (5 ft)
• USB-C to USB-A cable with screw-locks (5 ft)
• Mating HD44P D-Sub I/O connector
• Manuals (digital download) and software CD

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