Smart Sensing Systems

Your Aircraft Is Trying to Tell You Something. Are You Listening?

In today's air travel industry, airlines are working hard to optimize and differentiate their passenger experience to gain a competitive advantage. Equally important is the need to bolster the bottom line by reducing maintenance and operational costs.

Astronics is on the forefront of innovative Internet of Things (IoT) development for aircraft. The Astronics Smart Aircraft System enables the gathering of information through sensor and IoT technology to help airlines gain the valuable insight needed to increase passenger satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and lower costs.

Astronics Vibration Monitor Units (VMUs) lead the industry in predicting fan and other rotating-component failures on commercial aircraft. VMUs employ proven vibration analysis to detect and avoid potential smoke and burning smell events before they can impact flight safety and lead to costly route diversions.

Take control of your aircraft software and data with our cost-effective Smart Aircraft Interface Devices that allow you to connect to your avionics data simply, safely, and securely.

Your planes have a lot to tell you. We make it possible to listen.