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Ballard Portable Avionics Interfaces for USB 2.0 are pocket-sized adapters that enable computers to communicate with, simulate, test, and monitor avionics equipment and systems. These rugged USB 2.0 peripherals feature extensive databus functionality and are compatible with virtually all modern PC laptop, desktop, and tablet computers.

These versatile interfaces are suitable for a wide range of applications in the lab and in the field. They support maximum data throughput on all channels and have a large 32 MB built-in memory. All power necessary for operation is provided via the single USB port. Plug and Play and Hot Swap features make them easy to install and move between computers.

Models Available for Single or Multiple Protocols

USB Multi. One tool does it all!

Ballard pocket-sized USB Multi adapters are the easy and portable way to interface your computer to multiple avionics databuses simultaneously. This provides greater convenience and cost savings when interfacing to multiple databus types.

Protocols include:

  • MIL-STD-1553
  • EBR 1553
  • ARINC 429
  • ARINC 708
  • ARINC 717
  • Serial
  • Discrete I/O

USB 1553

Ballard pocket-sized USB 1553 adapters enable computers to communicate with, simulate, test, and monitor MIL-STD-1553 equipment and systems. Depending on the model, each 1553 channel may be either single-function, multi-function, or bus monitor only. Single-function channels can be configured as either a Bus Controller (BC), a Bus Monitor (BM), or up to 32 Remote Terminals (RTs). Multi-function channels have protocol error injection capability and can simultaneously be a BC, BM, and up to 32 RTs.

Key Features include:

  • Up to 2, dual-redundant MIL-STD-1553 channels
  • Error injection (Multi-function only)
  • Transformer and direct coupling
  • Transformer coupled cable included

USB 429

Ballard pocket-sized USB 429 adapters enable computers to communicate with, simulate, test, and monitor ARINC 429 and 717 equipment and systems. Models are available with ARINC 429 channels only, ARINC 717 channels only, or a combination of both. 

Key Features include:

  • Up to 16 ARINC 429 channels (12R4T)
  • Up to 2 ARINC 717 channels (2R2T)
  • Handles periodic and transfer protocols
  • Message filters and schedules
  • Standard and non-standard bit rates
  • Error detection and selective injection
  • Variety of syncs and triggers

USB 708

Ballard pocket-sized USB 708 adapters enable computers to interface with ARINC 708 and similar weather radar display databuses. These rugged USB 2.0 peripherals feature extensive functionality for testing and simulating weather radar systems, CDUs (Control-Display Units), and T-R (Transmit-Receive) units. The ARINC 708 display databus is sometimes referred to as ARINC 453. 

Key Features include:

  • Up to 4 ARINC 708 channels (1R1T or 2R2T)
  • Receive, transmit, and monitor
  • ActiveX Weather Radar Control program building block available
  • Direct coupled channels per 708
  • Strappable on-board termination

The New UA2000 Series

The Ballard UA2000 family builds on over 10 years of success in USB interfacing with an all-new USB 3.1 design that will serve your interface needs for years to come.

  • Compatible with USB 2, USB 3, USB 4, and Thunderbolt™ ports
  • USB-C connection for native compatibility with newer computers
  • All-new design provides long serviceable life for good return on investment
  • 100% backward compatible with USB 2.0

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The Easy Avionics Interface

Choice of Case Color


Standard Black Case


Flight Test Orange Case

Compact and Powerful

The easiest way to interface a PC to an avionics databus is through a USB peripheral. Ballard pocket-sized USB interfaces have become the industry favorite for databus test, analysis and simulation. They simply plug into any available USB port and are ready for use in the lab or in the field. Combine these interfaces with CoPilot, our intuitive graphical software program, to easily monitor, record, replay, analyze, and simulate avionics bus data.

A Model to Meet Your Need

Ballard multi-protocol interfaces for USB 2.0 can be ordered with a combination of different protocols to enable you to meet your varied databus needs with a single device. In addition to MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC protocols, these devices are available with EBR 1553 and serial. Single-protocol models offer higher channel counts for their specific protocol. The Ordering Information section below shows the models that are available, along with protocol and channel counts. For full specifications, download the product datasheets in the Additional Information section further below. Interfaces for USB 3.1 are also available by clicking here.


  • Databus analysis, test, and simulation
  • Data loading
  • Flightline and AOG support
  • Replacing plug-in cards
  • Many more uses in the lab or in the field

Key Features

  • Multi-protocol or single-protocol models
  • Avionics protocols available:
    - MIL-STD-1553
    - EBR 1553
    - ARINC 429
    - ARINC 708
    - ARINC 717
    - Serial
    - Discrete I/O
  • USB 2.0 bus powered—no external power supply needed
  • 8 Avionics Discrete I/O
  • IRIG A/B PWM and AM
  • 32 MB on-board memory
  • LEDs indicate bus traffic and errors 
  • Small, portable, and rugged
  • RoHS compliant design
  • Interfaces for USB 3.1 also available 

Ordering Information

Select your desired USB model(s) in the tables below. For more information or to request a quote, call +1.425.339.0281 or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

USB Multi Models

MIL-STD-1553ARINC 429ARINC 708ARINC 717EBR 1553SerialHardware & CoPilot*Hardware Only
1 Multi-function4R2TCP-UA1531UA1531
1 Multi-function4R2T2R2TCP-UA1532UA1532
1 Multi-function4R2T4 portsCP-UA1533UA1533
1 Multi-function4 portsCP-UA1534UA1534
1 Multi-function4 portsCP-UA1535UA1535
1 Single-function4R2TCP-UA1521UA1521
1 Single-function4R2T2R2TCP-UA1522UA1522
1 Single-function4R2T4 portsCP-UA1523UA1523
1 Single-function4 portsCP-UA1524UA1524
1 Single-function4 portsCP-UA1525UA1525
1 Bus Monitor4R2TCP-UA1511UA1511
1 Bus Monitor4R2T2R2TCP-UA1512UA1512
1 Bus Monitor4R2T4 portsCP-UA1513UA1513
1 Bus Monitor4 portsCP-UA1514UA1514
1 Bus Monitor4 portsCP-UA1515UA1515
4R2T4 portsCP-UA1503UA1503
4R2T1R1T4 portsCP-UA1573UA1573
1R1T4 portsCP-UA1574UA1574
4 portsCP-UA1505UA1505

USB 1553, USB 429/717, USB 708 Models

ProtocolChannelsHardware & CoPilot*Hardware Only
MIL-STD-15532 Multi-functionCP-UA1133UA1133
MIL-STD-15531 Multi-functionCP-UA1130UA1130
MIL-STD-15532 Single-functionCP-UA1122UA1122
MIL-STD-15531 Single-functionCP-UA1120UA1120
MIL-STD-15531 Multi-function, 1 Bus MonitorCP-UA1131UA1131
MIL-STD-15531 Single-function, 1 Bus MonitorCP-UA1121UA1121
MIL-STD-15532 Bus MonitorCP-UA1111UA1111
MIL-STD-15531 Bus MonitorCP-UA1110UA1110
MIL-STD-15534 Bus Monitor**CP-UA1140UA1140
ARINC 42912R4TCP-UA1440UA1440
ARINC 4298R4TCP-UA1430UA1430
ARINC 4294R2TCP-UA1420UA1420
ARINC 4291R1TCP-UA1410UA1410
ARINC 429 / ARINC 7178R4T / 2R2TCP-UA1431UA1431
ARINC 7172R2TCP-UA1401UA1401
ARINC 7082R2TCP-UA1720UA1720
ARINC 7081R1TCP-UA1710UA1710

*Includes optional CoPilot Test & Analysis Software at special bundled pricing
**Channels are non-redundant
nRnT = number of Receive/Transmit channels

Multi-function Channels
Multi-function channels have protocol error injection capability and can simultaneously be a Bus Controller (BC), Bus Monitor (BM), and up to 32 Remote Terminals (RTs).

Single-function Channels
Single-function channels can be configured in software as either a Bus Controller (BC), a Bus Monitor (BM), or up to 32 Remote Terminals (RTs).

To order options, add the appropriate suffix to the end of the part number. Example: CP-UA1133/FTO
• /FTO - Flight Test Orange case in place of the standard black case
• /NE   - No Enclosure, Printed Circuit Board Assembly only, for embedded use
• /FXY - Conformal coating (Parylene)

The following accessories are included with all models except /NE versions:
• 1553 transformer-coupled I/O cable with PL-75 connectors, 3 ft. long (USB 1553 models only)
• USB-A cable with screw-locks (5 ft)
• Mating HD44P D-Sub I/O connector
• Software CD

Cables & Accessories

A wide variety of cables and accessories are available to complement these products.
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