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What is a Legacy Product?

A product in the "Legacy" lifecycle stage is one that is still in active production, but in diminished quantities. These mature products should not be specified for new programs. This stage is intended to support existing installations and programs. A product in the Production lifecycle stage should generally be specified for new applications.

If a "possible replacement" is not suggested for a product below, please contact Astronics Ballard Technology for further assistance.

Lifecycle Stages
Product is in full production and available for sale
Product is in active production, but in diminished quantities
Product is no longer in active production, availability is limited
Product is no longer available and no longer manufactured

Legacy Products

Legacy products are listed below. If you don't find the product you are looking for, it may be classified as "Obsolete" or "End-of-Life" status and can be found on one of those pages.


There are currently no products in the Legacy lifecycle.


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