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NG Family: The Secure COTS Solution

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The Ballard NG is a new family of Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) avionics I/O computing platforms from Astronics. They provide flexible, problem-solving solutions for areas such as mission computing, distributed control, and avionics data conversion. For tech insertions, the NG family provides a direct upgrade path to 64-bit processing, robust security features, and higher performance, extending the useful life of established programs for many years to come.

Ideally suited for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) programs, the NG Family meets the demands of DoD open system business and technical strategies such as MOSA and OMS.

NG3 Series

Avionics I/O Computers

NG3 features the highest level of capability and I/O, along with 64-bit processing and audio/video, for the most demanding applications.

NG2 Series

Avionics I/O Controllers

NG2 features the same processing power as the NG3, but in a smaller size with a corresponding reduction of I/O, when lower SWaP is critical.

NG1 Series

Avionics I/O Converters

NG1 is extremely compact and optimized for converting avionics protocol data to and from Ethernet for interfacing with mission computers, the NG3/NG2, or other avionics systems.

Right-sized: Deploy Exactly What You Need

Compute. Control. Convert.

The NG Family consists of three distinct series of products of varying capability that share similar design features. At their core, they are all highly-flexible systems that include multi-protocol avionics I/O coupled with a high-throughput Ethernet backbone for inter-device communication and compatibility with a variety of avionics systems.

Each variant is optimized for different levels of deployment depending on the unique needs of your program. Whether your requirement is for a versatile computer with high amounts of avionics I/O and audio/video capability, a simple converter to move MIL-STD-1553 to Ethernet, or something in between, the NG Family has you covered.

NG Family – Ready When You Are

The NG Family, like all our COTS products, comes pre-configured and pre-validated for rapid deployment with no up-front NRE. Why spend your valuable time and money developing a custom solution when we've already created the hardware you need—before you knew you needed it. Our expertise is delivering proven solutions that minimize your risk and ensure the success of your program. Here are more ways we help you deliver your programs on time and within budget:


Thoughtful Designs

You need products that integrate and perform the way you expect—with no surprises. Our hardware and software solutions feature high reliability and long service life to save you money now and over the life of your program.


Loaner Hardware

Get a jump on development. We can bail loaner hardware at no charge for both embedded and test & simulation use, allowing you to test drive the products and ensure they meet your needs.


Universal API

Don't rewrite code if things change or you need to migrate from one interface platform to another. Our universal API software portability speeds deployment and protects your valuable programming investment.


World-Class Support

Get responsive and knowledgeable support—both before the sale and for the life of the product. We know your deadlines are critical, so we're a partner that helps you achieve your goals, not one that holds you back.

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NG Family Overview

NG3 Series – Rugged, High-Density Avionics I/O Computers

The Ballard NG3 Series is the next generation of flexible COTS avionics I/O computers. These compact systems combine Intel 64-bit quad core processing with an exceptional density and variety of avionics and computer I/O. The NG3 has the power and versatility to solve control and communication challenges, and is prevalidated for rapid deployment with no up-front NRE.

NG2 Series – Rugged, High-Density Avionics I/O Controllers

The Ballard NG2 Series includes the same Intel 64-bit quad core processor and avionics I/O selection as our high-level NG3 Series, but features a smaller size with a corresponding reduction in I/O. It is designed for applications where lower SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) is critical. Like the NG3, it is prevalidated for rapid deployment with no up-front NRE.

NG1 Series – Rugged, Compact Avionics I/O Converters

The Ballard NG1 Series is a rugged, compact I/O converter that easily solves system integration problems. It runs custom applications that allow you to distribute control thoughout the airframe. It is optimized for converting avionics protocol data to and from Ethernet so you can minimize wiring and significantly reduce overall system SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power). The NG1 is prevalidated for rapid deployment with no up-front NRE.

NG Family – Avionics Problem-Solvers

Compact and Powerful

The rugged NG Family tightly integrates 64-bit processing and dense I/O into small, lightweight SWaP-optimized (Size, Weight, and Power) enclosures that meet military requirements for shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, and pressure. They are small and light enough for use in UAVs and capable enough to handle complex, large-scale aircraft systems. They are ideal for deployment in C4ISR applications.

Cybersecurity Capablities

The NG Family includes broad cybersecurity features to facilitate building your unique and effective security solution. These may include security features resident in the Linux or Windows OS, discrete inputs for write protection of base non-volatile memory and removable mass storage, processor security TPM, and a sanitize discrete input to wipe all mSATA storage that is not write-protected.

Model Comparison

 NG3 SeriesNG2 SeriesNG1 Series
ProcessorIntel Atom E3950 64-bit, quad coreIntel Atom E3950 64-bit, quad coreNXP QorIQ LS1023A 64-bit, dual core (Arm Cortex-A53)
2D/3D Video, AudioYesNoNo
MIL-STD-1553Up to 12 dual-redundant channelsUp to 8 dual-redundant channelsUp to 2 dual-redundant channels
ARINC 429Up to 24 channelsUp to 16 channelsUp to 7 channels
Other I/OArinc 708, 717, Serial, Discrete, CANbusArinc 708, 717, Serial, Discrete, CANbusSerial, Discrete, CANbus
EthernetUp to 16 Fast or 11 Gigabit port switchUp to 8 Fast or 7 Gigabit port switch1 Gigabit port
Removable Expansion3 slots (2 mSATA, 1 mPCIe); Up to 2 SSD2 slots (2 mSATA or 1 mSATA/1 mPCIe); Up to 2 SSDNo
Weight (typical)4.4 lb (2.0 kg)3.7 lb (1.7 kg)1.5 lb (0.68 kg)

Maximum I/O values shown per type, values are reduced when ordering more than one type.
Fast Ethernet: 10/100 Mb/s; Gigabit Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Mb/s
For full specifications, download product datasheets below in the "Additional Information" section.

Choice of Chassis

NG3 Series and NG2 Series units are available with either a horizontal or vertical chassis for optimal mounting in your application.


Horizontal Chassis


Vertical Chassis

Ordering Information

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