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What is an End-of-Life Product?

A product in the "End-of-Life" lifecycle stage is one that is no longer in active production. It should not be specified for new programs. Products in this stage may still be able to be manufactured, but parts are likely not in inventory, so lead times will likely be greatly extended. Also, repair options may be limited. A product in the "Production" lifecycle stage should be specified for all new applications.

If a "possible replacement" is not suggested for a product below, please contact Astronics AES for further assistance.

Note that beginning in 2022, this category title changed from 'Obsolete' to 'End-of-Life' to better conform to prevailing industry standards.

End-of-Life Products

End-of-Life products are listed below. If you don't find the product you are looking for, it may be classified as "Legacy" or " Obsolete" status and can be found on one of those pages.

Lifecycle Stages
Product is in full production and available for sale
Product is in active production, but not recommended for new designs
Product is no longer in active production, availability is limited
Product is no longer available and no longer manufactured

AB3000 Avionics I/O Computers - Series 1 and 2

Part Number: AB3000 Series 1, AB3000 Series 2

The AB3000 is small, lightweight and loaded with capabilities for easy integration into today's modern aircraft, UAVs, and ground mobile platforms.

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pdf-icon  Datasheet
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Possible Replacements:

NG3 Series Avionics I/O Computers
AB3000 Series N Avionics I/O Computers

Astronics AB3000 Avionics Computer

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