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Avionics Data Connectivity for Portable EFBs.

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webFB® Ultra-Compact, Easy-to-Install, Smart AID/Server/Router

The Ballard webFB is the cost-effective AID solution for today's airline industry. It quickly installs on aircraft connectors typically used for quick access recorders with no aircraft modification required. This compact device can not only run multiple applications, but also connects to portable EFBs using its own wireless network, providing a flexible and future-proofed platform for many years of effective and reliable operation on your aircraft.

World's First Wireless AID FAA Approved for Use in the Flight Deck

webFB Wireless Electronic Flight Bag

The ultra-compact webFB easily fits in the palm of the hand, yet incorporates the capabilities of both an AID and a wireless server. The built-in AID safely gathers essential data from the aircraft's ARINC 429 and 717 databuses and conveys it to custom software or EFB apps hosted on the internal server. Using a wireless connection to portable EFB tablets, the webFB securely delivers this valuable information right to the fingertips of the flight crew.

The webFB includes avionics interfaces for ARINC 717, ARINC 429, and RS-232 to connect with and gather needed flight data from essential aircraft equipment, such as ACARS, SATCOM, the flight data recorder (FDR), and other avionics.

webFB is an Innovative Wireless EFB Solution

Astronics is disrupting traditional ideas with a fresh look at the role of Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) in the connected aircraft. We're transforming the conventional method of connecting EFBs to avionics data with the Ballard webFB, a truly revolutionary product changing the Aircraft Interface Device (AID) landscape.

The webFB provides wireless connectivity to avionics data simply, safely and securely. This cost-effective solution collects information during the different phases of flight, providing airlines with the insight needed to improve operational efficiency.

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webFB Family Overview 

Standard Range webFB

Standard webFB

Wi-Fi range is intentionally limited to the flight deck area in order to:

  • Attenuate signal to limit visibility within the cabin
  • Wirelessly connect to EFBs
  • Securely transfer data in real-time to EFBs

Extended Range webFB

Extended Range webFB

Increases the effective Wi-Fi range in order to:

  • Wirelessly connect to cabin Wi-Fi
  • Concurrent internet connectivity for EFB and webFB
  • Enable real-time data transfer off the aircraft

webFB at a Glance

Typical Connections

webFB System Diagram

Key Features

  • Certified device with FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA)
  • Small, lightweight, and low power
  • Host and run apps on 1GHz ARM processor
  • 256-bit secure 802.11 b/g wireless
  • Integrated secure web page
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Direct mount to aircraft connector (737, 757, 767)
  • 32GB data flash
  • Industry-standard ARINC 834 STAP S-2 data streaming
  • Avionics Interfaces (depending on model)
    • ARINC 717 (3R) Biphase/Bipolar
    • ARINC 429 (2R/1T)
    • Serial (1 port) RS-232

Ordering Information

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webFB Models

Range TypeInterfacesPart Number
Standard RangeARINC 717 (2 Biphase/1 BiPolar Receive Channels)50-11045-01
Standard RangeARINC 429 (2 Receive, 1 Transmit), ARINC 717 (1 BiPhase Receive), RS-232 (1 Port)50-11045-02
Extended RangeARINC 717 (2 Biphase/1 BiPolar Receive Channels)50-11045-04
Extended RangeARINC 429 (2 Receive, 1 Transmit), ARINC 717 (1 BiPhase Receive), RS-232 (1 Port)50-11045-05

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