Rubidium Frequency Standards

Rubidium Frequency Standards

Incorporating time-tested and field-proven technology, these rubidiums deliver high-precision time and frequency accuracy for measurement equipment.

Products are available in VXI and PXI versions

Product Information

All Astronics rubidium frequency standard units offer GPS discipline options for long-term stability.

Choose from the PXI and VXI versions listed below. The VXI version was formerly sold under the Racal InstrumentsTM brand name. The PXI version is offered in collaboration with our partner, National Instruments.

Astronics NI Platinum Alliance Partner


PXIe-3352 Rubidum Frequency Standard The Astronics PXIe-3352 is the world’s first PXI rubidium and combines a rubidium oscillator with a GPS receiver into a single, high precision instrument.

As the first test instrument to combine a PXI rubidium source with GPS assist technology, the new PXIe-3352 will be well-suited for use in a variety of commercial and military applications.

The PXIe-3352 is used in either a PXI hybrid or PXI Express slot in a PXI mainframe to provide high precision time and frequency accuracy for measurement equipment. Useful for telecommunications timing, calibration and metrology, and RF subsystems, the PXIe-3352 can be disciplined with GPS satellites for stability and improved accuracy.

Key features include:

  • Long-term stability with GPS assist
  • High system density due to dual width PXI Express module approach
  • Sine and square wave outputs
  • Free run mode or lock to a built-in GPS receiver
  • Power maintenance through shutoff with external power input

Units will be available later this year and sold through the NI sales channel. 



Astronics VXI rubidium 3352AThe Astronics 3352A rubidium frequency standard module and the 3352A-GPS, its GPS-disciplined companion, set a new standard for high density functionality in a single width VXI module. Using ANSI Standard M-Module building blocks, the 3352A series integrates the functions of a Rubidium oscillator and clock distribution together with an optional trigger distribution module and an optional digital I/O (DIO) module.

Key features include:

  • Single width VXI module for highest possible system density
  • Eight channels of ground-isolated clock distribution
  • Standard and GPS-locked versions available
  • External power input to keep rubidium oscillator powered during system shutoff
  • Low-jitter, low-noise, and high-isolation clock distribution
  • Optional trigger distribution and digital I/O
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