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The next phase of EFB integration

Gaining insight through avionics data connectivity

To stay competitive, you need a deeper understanding of your fleet's performance, and more visibility into the information already present on your aircraft. When you gain access to existing aircraft data, you empower pilots during flight. You also enable flight operations and maintenance—both in route and post flight. The end game? To improve situational awareness, provide passengers with an optimal flight experience, and reduce maintenance and operational costs.

Astronics is transforming EFBs

Astronics is disrupting traditional ideas with a fresh look at the role of Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) in the connected aircraft. We're transforming the conventional method of connecting EFBs to avionics data with the webFB®, a truly revolutionary product changing the Aircraft Interface Device (AID) landscape.

The webFB provides wireless connectivity to avionics data simply, safely and securely. This cost-effective solution collects information during the different phases of flight, providing airlines with the insight needed to improve operational efficiency.

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Partner with experts that listen. Experts with knowledge and insight into the needs of airlines. Experts that are equipped and willing to help. Partner with Astronics.

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Listening is crucial to gaining insight. The webFB® makes it possible to hear what your aircraft is saying and take action that will improve operational performance. Astronics Ballard Technology provides a simple, safe and secure way to hear and use the data already present on your aircraft—enabling you to see benefits quickly.

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Featured Products & Solutions

Here are some of the world-class products and solutions supplied by Astronics for aircraft connectivity.

Aircraft Interface Devices

aircraft interface devices
Secure devices that gather and serve avionics data to EFB, IFEC and other aircraft systems.

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EmPower In-seat Power Systems

in-seat power-empower
EmPower® In-Seat Power Systems provide advanced cabin power management enabling passengers to simultaneously use and charge their electronic devices while in-flight.

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Aircraft Connectivity Products

connectivity products

Stay connected to world events and with family and friends! Astronics is the smart choice for aircraft In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) internet and TV solutions.

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System Certification

Domestic and foreign supplemental type certification services for the installation approval of various aircraft and cabin systems.

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System Design

Integrated and customized aircraft retrofit installation designs tailored to customer requirements.

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