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Bus Extenders for VXI and PXI

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Product Information

These products were formerly sold under the Racal Instruments brand name.


VX405C M/MA Module CarrierVX405C M/MA Module Carrier

The VX405C carrier provides the mechanical and electrical interfaces between the VXIbus and up to six (6) VITA 12-1996 standard M/MA-Modules. The carrier provides VXI register configuration and access to the M/MA-Module I/O space and memory (if present). Each M/MA-Module is controlled separately and appears as a different logical address in the VXI environment. Over 100 M/MA-Modules are available that can provide custom interfacing to the unit under test (UUT). Up to six (6) unique interfaces may be provided in a single VXI slot.

Key features:

  • Provides mechanical and electrical interfaces between the VXIbus and up to six M/MA-modules
  • Each M/MA-module controlled separately
  • Complies with VXIbus Rev 1.4 specification
  • Multiple instruments and interface types in a single VXI slot
  • Multiple serial protocol test
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VX407C PXI/cPCI CarrierVX407C PXI/cPCI Carrier

The carrier supports two 3U PXI or cPCI modules or one 6U PXI or cPCI module. It has an on-board PowerPC processor that can perform command translation, data analysis, and many other data processing or process control functions. Data can be transferred to/from a PXI or PMC device and on-board memory at a sustained rate of 132 Mbytes/s.

Key features:

  • Enables you to use PXI and cPCI modules in a VXI system
  • Intelligent carrier design features on-board power-PC
  • Complies with VXIbus Rev 1.4 specification
  • Ideal for legacy instrument replacement
  • Available in single, double and triple-wide
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