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AIX 2024 - We're Improving the Passenger Experience

Astronics is excited to be exhibiting at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2024, Stand #3B30 in Hamburg Germany. This year we will showcase our cutting-edge solutions for Aircraft Power, Connectivity & Data, Lighting, Test, and more. It's a fantastic opportunity to explore our innovative offerings and engage with our team. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Leader in Custom Curved and Transparent Displays for Commercial and VIP Aircraft

Astronics Curved Aircraft DisplayAstronics is demonstrating our innovative display technology for use on cutting edge aerial platforms at AIX.

Custom curved displays in sizes up to 77 inches can be made to match aircraft panel contours and provide the perfect canvas for presenting flight information, entertainment, ambience, and – in the case of future windowless aircraft – expansive live views outside the aircraft. 

Astronics transparent display technology provides both informational and interactive (touchscreen) panels for use in a wide variety of current and future aircraft such as the emerging eVTOL industry. Are you building the world's greatest air taxi? We'll supply the perfect transparent interface to enhance your high-tech interior. 

Imagine the possibilities! Contact us today and let's collaborate on your ideal display solution for your vehicle of tomorrow.

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The Industry's Most Powerful and Intelligent USB In-Seat Power System, the EmPower® UltraLite G2

ultralite-g2-400UltraLite G2 is the next generation of the revolutionary Astronics EmPower® UltraLite system, a lightweight architecture providing high-output USB power for passenger use without the need for a power supply unit installed at each seat group. The result is a lower cost, lower weight system with higher installation flexibility over traditional, seat-group-based architectures. 

The innovative UltraLite G2 is the most flexible and scalable passenger power system, allowing airlines to deploy the optimal PED power system for their passengers and budget. The unique ‘zonal’ design eliminates the need to install a power supply in every seat group, reducing overall system weight and total cost of ownership (TCO).

EmPower Anti-Microbial Outlet Units

Intelligence is built into every UltraLite G2 component, which continually communicate with one another to provide enhanced power management across the entire system. This advanced capability results in a system that is adaptable for virtually any installation requirement, any selected level of power management, and can be tailored to create a unique passenger experience. UltraLite G2 features the smallest form factor in the industry yet boasts an industry-leading 800 Watts per power supply, with up to 60W of USB Type C power at every seat. The system is line-fit offerable and offers a choice of single USB Type A, single Type C, combination outlets with both, or can power our line-fit offerable Wireless Charging Module.

Whether LCC or full-service carrier, the Astronics EmPower® UltraLite G2 is fully configurable to the needs of every airline, every aircraft platform, and every passenger.

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Dual-Modem ModMan Providing Connectivity Configurability for Unmatched Performance

ADMMThe latest Modem Manager (ModMan) from Astronics is the Astronics Dual-Modem ModMan (ADMM), a future-proof computing and modem platform that provides seamless, high-performance, and interruption-free Wi-Fi onboard. Combined with a robust wired or wireless cabin network, fast and secure IP communications are provided to every passenger with the same level of service.

ADMM includes up to two SATCOM modems, an application processor, network switch, and aircraft IO interfaces integrated into a single 4MCU package. The design of ADMM provides a flexible platform that can support a variety of aerospace modem configurations based on service providers preference of satellite operators and modem manufacturer.

ADMM was architected from the ground up for configurability, with its modular design supporting a variety of satellite networks including LEO, MEO, and GEO. The highly capable application processor gives operators the flexibility to run a wide variety of applications beyond traditional IFE/C apps including IoT, AI, and cloud. The processor capability and dual modem integration eliminates the need for an additional ModMan LRU. Additionally, the ADMM is both OEM line-fit operable, and retrofittable on almost any aircraft platform.

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Human Centric Lighting


Astronics provides lighting systems that stimulate designers' imagination, while being versatile, adaptable, and a bliss to integrate and maintain. Our enhanced Nuancia™ line includes updates and additions in two categories: monochrome and dynamic colors under the trade names of Nuancia One and Nuancia Art.

The Nuancia One diffusing fiber optic complements Astronics’ ambient lighting offering with the ability to highlight cabin interiors elements (seats, cabins, bars) with light, coupled with unmatched integration capabilities—comparable to what is already offered in the high-end automotive industry.

This fiber optic line offers many important benefits for our customers:

  • Unmatched impact resistance to facilitate integration in the most demanding environments.
  • Uncompromising flexibility, thanks to a bending radius reduced to 1 inch.
  • The ability to be integrated anywhere, even near water points such as toilets or showers.
  • Seamless adaptability, as the fiber can be cut to the desired length at any time even after serial delivery.

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The World Leader in Passenger Service Units

Passenger Service UnitAstronics serves commercial applications for Passenger Service Units (PSU), offering vertically-integrated solutions that include in-house design, manufacturing, and finishing capabilities.

With extensive knowledge of PSU systems and a track record of successful collaboration, we minimize your risk and ensure the success of your program. In fact, for most PSU programs, Astronics assumes full responsibility for design, development, and qualification of new technologies, and then manufacture, assemble, and deliver the final product ready for installation right when you need it.

See more about Astronics PSUs >

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CabinAXe: Improving the Passenger Experience with Wi-Fi 6E

CabinAXe-400CabinAXe is the industry’s first Wi-Fi 6E enabled Cabin Wireless Access Point (CWAP). CabinAXe introduces unparalleled Wi-Fi performance, marking the first time a CWAP will utilize the recently adopted Wi-Fi 6E standard. Astronics has shipped over 16,000 previous generation CWAPs, and CabinAXe continues the evolution of Astronics' CWAP firsts by offering the industry's first tri-radio CWAP integrating Wi-Fi 6E.

Wi-Fi 6E makes use of up to 1.2GHz of unlicensed spectrum in the 6GHz band. This new authorization provides less congestion and larger channel widths for greater connectivity throughput.

"CabinAXe is truly an innovative building block for the advanced Summit Line IFEC system," said Mike Kuehn, President of Astronics Connectivity Systems and Certification. "Delivering blazing-fast Wi-Fi performance and increased throughput for added reliability, CabinAXe is a powerful demonstration of our commitment to passenger experience. Added sensing capabilities for IoT applications and integration with Summit Line components demonstrates our attention to existing IFEC systems with a strong look to the future in the cabin."

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Your Single Source for Lighting and Safety Solutions


Astronics is your single, time-proven supplier for all your aircraft lighting and safety needs. For aircraft cabins, Astronics offers its full suite of cabin emergency lighting systems including floor path marking, ceiling emergency lighting, running man emergency exit signs and evacuation area lights, as well as its newest technology for passenger information signs. Finally, in emergency lighting, Astronics will be featuring their Air Lite® LED flashlight systems for aircraft.

Lighted components for the cockpits, including HMI panels, dimmers, controllers and other products, include newer technologies. Astronics' exterior lighting, as always, offers the latest generation of low weight, highly efficient and reliable technologies. 

For premium, first, and business class lighting, Astronics is introducing its new ELEA LED reading light, the slimmest reading light on the market, which includes an easy front-mount install plus a user-friendly dimming feature. Available in three standard finishes plus a premium metallic finish, this light is certified and flying with Airbus and Boeing. Astronics will also showcase an evolution to ELEA through a larger line called Elea Series.

Elea Customization

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Innovation at the Core

Astronics - Greener Skies, Brighter FutureAstronics is dedicated to bringing our long history of innovation and collaborative work style to your next program.

This blog speaks to some of our latest technology advancements, as well as proven systems we can provide for aircraft manufacturers, airlines, IFE providers, and other industry participants to improve experiences for passengers while also improving cost and efficiency for aircraft operators.

We are eager to collaborate side-by-side with you on your next program. Simply contact us when you're ready.

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