The Edge Cabin Network Platform

A Nimble, Scalable Alternative Architecture

The Edge is an installed full-cabin network IFE platform that can scale to accommodate installations on RJs, single aisle, or long range aircraft.

The Edge system does not require a headend server as the multi-core application processor and 802.11ax access point are co-resident in a crown-mounted LRU. It satisfies Aircraft I/O by connecting a small flange mount box in the EE-Bay and content can load wirelessly or via a large format SSD content loader. The Edge offers a redundant system that can install in an overnight. You can add applications to the Edge via virtual machines or containers.

Edge modularity


Distributed architecture allows platform to be flexible for any number of devices



Building blocks can be configured for redundancy, high availability, and distributed computing.

Decentralized design is more secure

Edge_cost effective

Cost Effective

System installed in an overnight

No rack space required

Elimination of ARINC 600 architecture

A Platform Built for Your Needs

The Edge is a solution that surpasses non-decentralized systems as it is scalable, modular, and more secure. It requires lower power CPUs and it puts the processing power where it belongs.


Platform Installation

The Edge is designed with a simple, overnight installation in mind.

  • No rack space required
  • With the elimination of a 4 MCU server, only a Small Flange Mount Box (AIO) is needed in the EEBay
  • Elimination of ARINC 600 Architecture
  • SmartWAP is installed above ceiling panels, just like a CWAP

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