PC/104 Avionics Interface Cards

PE1000 - PCIe/104 & PCI/104-Express Avionics Interface Cards

Multi-Protocol Interfaces

The PE1000 family of PCIe/104™ and PCI/104-Express™ cards enable embedded computers to interface with a variety of avionics databuses.

Key Features

  • Multiple protocol support
  • Rugged Extended Temperature Design
  • Single- or Multi-function 1553 models
  • Powerful protocol engine
  • Easy-to-use software interface


  • Mission computers
  • Embedded monitor/recorder systems
  • LRU and system interfacing
  • System analysis and integration testing
  • Performance monitoring and analysis
  • OEM equipment
PE1000 Interface Card

Reliable Operation

These rugged cards provide the capability to reliably communicate with and monitor avionics equipment and systems. The family includes models with single and multiple protocols in an assortment of channel counts and functionality. A single card can provide all the avionics functionality needed for most applications.

Easy to Use

PE1000 interface cards are easy to install, integrate, and operate. High performance assures maximum data throughput on all channels. With all its capability and versatility, the PE1000 is ideal for a wide range of avionics embedded and test applications.

High Performance

PE1000 interface cards use Ballard's time-tested 5th generation avionics protocol engines with bus mastering and a large 32-MB built-in memory to yield high performance. All models include sixteen avionics level input/output discretes and IRIG time synchronization/generation.

Cost-Effective Solution

There is a wide choice of models — ranging from simple, single-protocol, low channel-count cards to complex, multi-protocol, high channel-count cards. Equivalent models are available in both PCIe/104 and PCI/104-Express. Extended temperature range is standard, and conformal coating is an option. This wide selection allows the most cost effective solution to be used on each application.



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Avionics Interfaces & I/O

  • MIL-STD-1553
    Up to 2 channels
  • ARINC 429
    Up to 20 receive channels
    Up to 8 transmit channels
  • ARINC 708
    Up to 4 channels
  • ARINC 717
    Up to 4 channels
  • EBR-1553
    Up to 4 ports
  • Serial
    Up to 4 RS-422/485
  • Discrete I/O
    Up to 4 differential
    Includes 16 avionics discrete I/O
  • IRIG A/B PWM and AM

Standard Features

  • Model dependent protocol capability
  • 16 Avionics Discrete I/O
  • Up to 4 Differential Discrete I/O
  • IRIG A/B input and output
  • 32 MB on-board memory


  • Component temperature: -40 to +85 deg C
  • Storage temperature: -55 to +100 deg C
  • RoHS 6/6 compliant


  • Weight: approximately 3.5 oz (100 g)
  • Dimensions: 3.6 x 3.8 inch (90 x 96 mm)
  • Conformal coating options


  • Protocol I/O & IRIG connector
    - AMP 50-pin latching header
    - IDC Socket: 2-1658526-4 Mate
    - Wire Socket: 1-102387-0 Mate
    - Wire Contacts: 87667-5
  • Discrete I/O connector
    - AMP 20-pin latching header
    - IDC Socket: 1-1658526-3 Mate
    - Wire Socket: 102387-4 Mate
    - Wire Contacts: 87667-5

PCIe Bus

  • PCIe® x1 Link
  • Power: +3.3 and +12 VDC
  • Supports Type 1 and Type 2 hosts

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