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Solve your complex quantum challenges faster than ever with quantum solutions from Astronics Test Systems. Leveraging nearly 60 years of experience, our capabilities enable us to provide individual instruments all the way through fully integrated quantum computing solutions as we work with you to deliver a solution for a wide variety of quantum applications.

Instrumentation: For more than a decade, Astronics Test Systems has been supplying instruments in the emerging field of quantum computers. Many quantum research facilities today use our Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs), which offer carefully tailored noise suppression and shielding.

Integration: Astronics Test Systems has a long history of integration experience from simple synchronization to much more sophisticated solutions. This expertise as a system integrator enables us to select the best in breed partners and stand behind the final solution. Additionally, as quantum computing continues to evolve, lean on us as a supplier you can trust and one that will provide long-term support for your solutions.

Focused Solutions: Part of the excitement of quantum computers lies in analog simulation, which can provide unparalleled computational power compared to classical computing. Controlled waveform generation allows for qubit manipulation, one of the critical subcomponents enabling these advances. We offer a proprietary set of instruments for reading and writing qubits, as well as the integration expertise to support specialized cryogenic and shielding technologies that maximize coherence time. We can partner with a variety of quantum focused institutions to optimize qubit-based computation.

As an innovation-driven company, Astronics sees the overlap in market requirements, supplying a number of current quantum computing projects with critical instruments and integration. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are among new opportunities, as industry-customized analyses require the innovative use of quantum co-processors.

Call us: If you are looking to get engaged with quantum – whether you have a need for instrumentation, integration, or an application focused solution, please reach out to us to see how we can help.

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We hope you’ll work with us if you’re seeking:

A proven supplier and integrator. We contributed to some of the largest quantum projects in the US over the last decade, driving innovation and success in the field of quantum research.

A total solution package. Leverage our integration experience, as well as our network of partners, to develop a custom-tailored solution specifically for your needs.

A collaborative partner you can trust. Our vertically integrated engineering team – electrical, mechanical, software, and test – works in close partnership with your team to ensure project requirements are exceeded, on time, every time.

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