Semiconductor System-Level Test

High Volume, Affordable SLT

Evolve your SLT strategy with the ATS 5034 System-Level Test (SLT) Platform. This revolutionary system delivers a new level of sophisticated testing that automates system level testing on a massive scale, making it easy and affordable to conduct 100% SLT.

Test up to 396 DUTs simultaneously to achieve a throughput volume of up to 5,000 units per hour (UPH). Combine this throughput with a small factory floor footprint and you achieve the industry's lowest cost of system-level test.

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SLT Platform Overview

ATS 5034 Automated SLTTest all your integrated semiconductors for today's advanced electronics, including mobile devices, automobile computers, biomedical wearables, and other IoT devices with this customizable SLT platform.

The ATS 5034 SLT Platform tests integrated semiconductors in “real world operation mode” to verify performance of the semiconductor at the operating level. Design a test sequence for a single site, and the ATS 5034 SLT Platform easily scales that sequence to hundreds of sites.

This tester provides a complementary test insertion to functional and structural test.

Fully-Automatic Massively Parallel Solutions

System Level Tester for SemiconductorsThe ATS 5034 SLT Platform provides a fully-automatic, massively parallel solution to help achieve affordable, 100% SLT.

Customizable and adaptable, use this versatile platform in your factory to perform a variety of test functions: system characterization, system validation, system qualification, system-level test and RMA/failure debug.

Maximize your operational efficiency and reduce operating expenses with the high throughput and small factory footprint. The ATS 5034 SLT Platform increases your yields while providing the lowest total cost of ownership.

Our engineers work in collaboration with yours to configure your system to fit your SLT needs. Capabilities include:

  • Testing of any integrated semiconductor device: microprocessors, microcontrollers, and embedded systems
  • Testing of any package type: modules, systems on chips (SoCs), and heterogeneous systems in packages (SiPs)
  • Simultaneous testing of up to 396 devices, for up to 5,000 units tested per hour
  • Turnkey automation with JEDEC trays input and outputs, including lot cascading
  • Astronics’ ActivATE™ software, an easy-to-use test executive
  • Extremely accurate thermal stress testing capability (+/- 1° C)
  • Small factory footprint
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Scalable SLT Solutions

For mission-critical embedded systems, the ATS 5034 SLT Platform offers components that can be configured for manual or semi-automatic operation where lower volume, higher mix, smaller batches, and/or longer test durations are a priority.

This versatility satisfies vital characterization and validation activities or serves as a standalone production solution until higher capacity is necessary.

Workflow-Diagram FINAL

These SLT components provide scalable SLT solutions and enable the fastest development path from a single site to massive parallelism:

  • Single-Site Device Development Board (DDB) Kit
  • Single-Slot Tester (SST)
  • Multi-Slot Chamber (MSC)
  • Semi-Automatic Board Loader/Unloader (BLU) plus Trolley
  • Astronics’ ActivATE™ software, an easy-to-use test executive

The journey begins with our Single-Site Device Development Board (DDB) Kit, which is then scaled to a single slot, using our Single-Slot Tester (SST). Lastly, massive parallelism can be achieved by scaling the single slot design into our Multi-Slot Chamber (MSC).

Using this workflow, we are building the future of SLT, making it achievable and affordable.

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Services and Support

Semiconductor Test Support

Together, the synergy of our partnership will ensure your success. We offer:

  • Engineer-to-engineer collaborative design and support to configure your system
  • Dedicated program managers
  • A global team supporting installation, training, and maintenance
  • Online help and complete documentation

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