Digitizers for VXI and PXI

Update your legacy systems with new digitizers from Astronics. Packed with features, these digitizer test instruments provide exceptional accuracy and performance.  

Product Information

Digitizers are available for both the PXI and VXI platforms.



Digitizer PXI test instrument from AstronicsThis 130/180 MS/s Dual Channel PXI Express digitizer provides the best speed and performance available for input frequencies up to 175 MHz.

With exceptional signal integrity, high density and modularity, and channel synchronization options, this new digitizer provides massive functionality in a compact form factor.

Key features include:

  • Dual 14/16-bit digitizer configurable as separate or fully synchronized channels
  • Waveform bandwidths of 65-175 MHz (typical)
  • 64M words of waveform memory per channel
  • External clock input for synchronization up to 180 MHz
  • 250 μV Measurement Accuracy
  • Noise Floor and Relative
  • Accuracy as Precise as 0.006%



6084-2105 Digitizer for VXI The Astronics 6084-2105 digitizer includes two 125MS/s, 14-bit digitizer channels and is recommended for VXI systems that need either improved accuracy or replacement of an obsolete instrument. 

Wide dynamic sampling, a powerful acquisition engine, and excellent AC/DC performance ensure an upgrade for your VXI system that will preserve your legacy investment for years to come.

Key features include:

  • Dual 14-bit digitizers for SE or DIFF operation at sample rates up to 125 MS/s
  • DC accuracy of 0.15% ± 800 µV on low voltage ranges
  • SFDR 80 dB at 1 MHz 
  • Wide input ranges from 0.25 Vpk to 256 Vpk
  • Performance upgrade or replacement for existing VXI applications 
  • Pre- and post-triggering available
  • Waveform storage of 32 M samples per channel