Digital Multimeters

VXI Digital Multimeters

Maximize the use of your legacy test systems with our line of high-performance VXI digital multimeters.

Product Information

High density. Advanced features. Compatible with standard software environments such as LabVIEW. These DMMs provide everything you need to enhance your VXI test system.

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6084-104 with no background 350px6084A

Increases test system performance and density with this combo unit, which packages a 7.5 digit Digital Multimeter (DMM) together with a 10-bit, 1 GHz Digitizer into a single VXI slot.

  • Replaces the Wavetek 1362 DMM, Analogic DBS Series, and Agilent VXI Digitizers
  • Digitizer with 4 Inputs, 10-bits, 1 GHz, up to 4 GS/s and Ranges up to 500V
  •  DMM with 7.5 Digits for DC Volts, Current and Ohms with AC Volts up to 1 MHz
  • IVI-COM Drivers and Soft Front Panels Provided
  • More Dynamic Range (by 20 dB for DMM and 12 dB for Digitizer) for Better Legacy Range Mapping

4152A new with no background4152A

The 4152A’s advanced features like limit testing, averaging, speed/resolution trade-offs, and fast function changes provide the high “test system” throughput required in today’s production test environments.

  • "Test System" multimeter supports limit testing, averaging, math and vector operations
  • Measures AC and DC voltages and currents, 2/4 wire ohms, frequency and DC/DC ratios
  • Supports scanner via VXI backplane
  • Up to 65 range changes per second and 30 function changes per second
  • Up to 6 readings/s at 6.5 gigits, 1000 readings/s at 4.5 digits
  • Driver support includes LabVIEW™, LabWindows™/CVI and VXIplug&play