Databus to Network Interfaces


Databus to Network Interfaces, called the OmniBus family, enable computers and networks to interface with multiple avionics databuses for testing, validating and simulating commercial and military avionics equipment and systems.

These versatile units can be controlled through Ethernet or USB, or can be programmed to operate standalone.

Product Information

Omnibus products provide a highly flexible databus interface solution. Each product includes an array of functional features to which I/O is added through the use of interchangeable modules. When ordering an OmniBus product, you can add the combination of modules to get the exact mix of I/O you need.

Available Avionics Databus Protocols

  • MIL-STD-1553
  • ARINC 429, 717, 708
  • Serial
  • Avionics Descrete I/O

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OmniBusBox™ II Databus to Network Interfaces

OmnibusBox II, a member of the Omnibus family, is a high-performance appliance for avionics databus test and simulation in a lab environment. The OmniBusBox II is the next-generation of Ballard's popular OmniBusBox product with faster I/O and processing capabilities.

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OmniBusBox II Avionics Interface

OmniBusBox Databus to Network Interfaces

The OmniBusBox has the power and flexibility to operate as a simple or intelligent peripheral (USB or Ethernet) or as a stand-alone embedded computer. It provides the solution to networked test and simulation systems, and is a unique alternative to plug in cards.

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OmniBusBox Avionics Interface

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