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Smart Luggage Bins on Aircraft Set to Improve PaxEx and Airline Operations

In 2018, Astronics introduced its pioneering Smart Aircraft System technology, which includes the new Intelligent Bin Solution, to the aircraft industry at APEX Expo. This visionary, patent-pending system uses Internet of Things (IoT) connection technologies to detect and report in real-time two types of data from overhead bins:

  • Bin volume status: The system reports the percentage of fullness in overhead stowage bins, which can speed aircraft boarding processes and reduce passenger stress
  • Bin environment status: The system reports the temperature, humidity, pressure, and air quality within the bin, which can help detect outgassing events, such as those that precede a lithium-ion battery fire, increase safety, avoid costly aircraft diversions, and reduce passenger stress

This new system provides the following benefits:

  • Improving the passenger loading experience
  • Improving passenger and crew safety
  • Improving airline operational efficiencies
  • Reducing airline operating costs

Please see the demonstration video for the Astronics Smart Aircraft System including the Intelligent Bin Solution: