Frequency Converter Unit

Frequency Conversion Unit


The Astronics Frequency Converter Unit (FCU) provides frequency conversion of variable frequency aircraft power. Recent trends in aircraft power systems use variable frequency (VF) generators instead of fixed frequency of 400Hz. While the majority of aircraft loads can use VF power, select loads still exclusively require 400Hz and are best addressed by the use of FCUs. The FCU performs the task of converting the power line frequency by leveraging recent advances in solid-state technology to provide dramatic improvements in performance over traditional frequency converter solutions.

The FCU protects sensitive load electronics from unregulated frequency and power surges by taking variable frequency 3-phase 115VAC input power (324Hz to 800Hz) and converting it to constant frequency 3-phase 115VAC output power (400Hz).

Clean, Regulated, Stable Power

Input Current Waveform

Utilizing 3-phase active power factor correction, the FCU maintains low current distortion of 2%, high power factor at the AC input and removes the influence of nonlinear loads, allowing the AC bus to maintain clean power quality.

Astronics FCU Input Current Waveform 

Low Output Voltage Distortion

Astronics FCU Low Output Voltage Distortion 

The Astronics FCU reduces stress on load electronics with a well-regulated (+/- 3V), low distortion output voltage and a tightly controlled frequency. The output power quality is independent of the input power quality, allowing the FCU to provide clean power even if the power provided at the input isn’t clean.

High Power Conversion Efficiency and Silent Operation

With reduced power dissipation and a nominal efficiency of 95%, the FCU does not require a cooling fan, providing silent operation and improving the passenger experience. This is perfect for in-cabin applications where fans are not an option.

Significant Size and Weight Advantage

The Astronics FCU offers a lot of power in a small package. The advantages of solid state power conversion provide a compact solution to modern aircraft power challenges.

  • 35% less weight than competition
  • 20% smaller in size

Additional Features

  • Built-in test (BIT) capability
  • Active health management (I2T, fault coordination, and reporting)

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