Modernize Your Communications Test

Introducing the new CTS-6000 Series, an all-new I- and O-level tester for radio frequency, communications, and navigation system test.

Intended for use in military, aerospace, transportation, and security applications, the new CTS-6000 delivers the lowest cost of test and reduces "no fault found" results.



Bring Your Communications Test to the Next Level

This powerful tester packs an entire test bench of instruments in one portable device to deliver:

  • Fewer frustrating “no fault founds”
  • A modular, customizable architecture for future-proofing
  • An intuitive, Windows-based interface
  • Excellent portability with small size and light weight
  • Reduced maintenance, calibration, and lifecycle ownership costs
  • Cyber-secure software
  • Standard and customizable test program sets
  • Supportability with dedicated engineering, factory and field support staff 

Test RF Communications When and Where They Matter the Most

CTS 6000 Communications Test Set

Military Communications
System Test


  Aerospace at Platform Communications Test


VHF and HF radios
GPS landing system
Low Range Altimeters
Distance Measuring Equipment

Communications Tester for Mass Transit

Transit, Security and
Civil Uses

Positive Train Control
(PTC) monitoring
Emission monitoring
Civil land mobile radio
(LMR) test


Your Entire Test Bench, Now in a Portable, Tablet-Sized Device

CTS 6000 Communications Test Set Includes 12+ InstrumentsUsing software-driven instrumentation, this modern tester functions as a test bench in a tablet, enabling you to bring more than 16 instruments to the device under test (DUT). Test right then and there to determine next steps for upgrade or repair, and avoid potentially expensive unnecessary downtime.

Test instruments included:

  • RF signal generator
  • RF receiver
  • RF power meter
  • RF analyzers – spectrum, VSWR, cable distance-to-fault
  • AF signal generator
  • Audio meters – SINAD/distortion, frequency, audio filters
  • Oscilloscope
  • Digital interfaces
  • Reference oscillator
  • Tracking generator
  • Error vector magnitude (EVM)
  • Wideband streaming TX and RX
  • Real Time RF Burst Trigger
  • Power Analyzer
  • NVM and Data-Loader

Deployed and Supported Globally

At work around the world. We’ve fielded these testers to global customers, and included worldwide installation, calibration, customization, and support.

A proven family of testers. Astronics adds this new I- and O-level tester to its successful family of communications test sets, which have been satisfying customers for the past 20 years. View the entire line of communications test products.


Innovasys selected the CTS-6010 to support field radio maintenance activities for its military customers. The ability to collaborate with the Astronics team, plus the Astronics CTS-6000 Series’ unique combination of power and portability, made this the clear choice for a radio test set to boost the supportability of communications equipment at the front line.

-- Germeen Kaldas, Director of Innovasys Pty Ltd.


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