TestEZĀ® Development Suite

Rapid Test Development

Count on the Test EZ® Development Suite for complete, efficient, cost-effective test development and execution for electronic test systems.

Product Information

This software toolkit features an easy to use operating system (Test Executive) and a software coding tool (Code Assist). Additional support tools are provided for picture probing (Probe Assist), archive management (Archive Manager) and test documentation (Doc Assist).

Quickly configure Test EZ® to any bus controlled rack & stack, windows-based, test station through an easy to use setup program. Extensive help is available with a touch of the F1 key.

Astronics can also provide you with a library of Test EZ® station asset drivers with short lead times for any additional driver development.

What's Inside?

In this complete environment, you receive:

  • Test Executive - Run Time System for PC controlled VXI, PXI, compact PCI or GPIB Instrumentation
  • Archive File Manager - Management of test results historical data
  • Code Assist - Streamlined test development tool used to create test sequences quickly and easily
  • Probe Assist - Utility that coordinates arrows, tags and messages within digital images of your UUT

The Test EZ® Development Suite delivers a proven track record with successful implementation on programs including the ARC-186, ARC-222, JSTARS and ATACTS test systems.