IFE Content Loaders


The CabinEdge™ SSD stand-alone content loader supports network delivery of inflight entertainment (IFE) content and can permanently install on cabin monuments or in other convenient locations within the aircraft's cabin. The CabinEdge solution makes the loading and management of IFE content simple, straightforward, and inexpensive.

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Product Information


Product Information

  • Available in both USB or SSD versions
  • Fully autonomous solution loads content in the background at better than USB 2.0 speeds
  • Attractive, non-obtrusive product packaging is designed to be installed within the cabin
  • Portable content is held behind a front door, with a miniature tumbler lock offering a secure content loading solution
  • Single gigabit Ethernet connection to headend server
  • Operates with 28VDC or power over Ethernet input power
  • Utilizes a Linux operating system

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