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Cabin Lighting

Astronics is a leading supplier of emergency egress lighting systems. These systems are designed to help airline passengers identify aircraft exits in the case of emergency. They provide escape path lighting direct to over 200 airline operators around the world. The Company provides complete systems to include floor path markings, monument lights and low level exit indicators.

Product Information

cabin lighting
  • Emergency Egress Lighting
  • Emergency Signs
  • Passenger Information Signs
  • Flood Lights
  • HEEL
  • Ceiling Emergency Lights
  • Cabin LED/EL wire harness FPM

Ordering Information

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Mini Spot Light

Use the Mini Spot Light as ambient LED lighting of small areas.

It can also install as an indicator for Taxi, Takeoff, and Landing (TTL) or other uses.

Ambient light or indicator?

The Mini Spot Light integrates to make an ambient diffusing light for small cavities such as an armrest pocket or bottle holder. This efficient solution brings light to dark areas.

The Mini Spot Light is also used for TTL indication, connected power plugs, attendant call, and more.

You can select either a natural aluminum body or anodized black for an elegant finish matching your backshell assembly. You can replace the standard green light with a large choice of other colors.

Mini Spot Light

Infosign Panel

Make a high-end welcome to passengers with Infosign Panel and increase passenger comfort and decresase crew workload.

Product Information

Your design made real with our expertise

Infosign panel is used for indicating information in cabin. It is realized based on your on-demand design with state-of-the-art technology and best rendering effect.

Your design made real with our expertise
Infinite indicators on a single product

Infinite indicators on a single product

You can group multiple indicators together in a unique customized product to ease crew information check. Infosign Panel is an easy way to add your design touch to the cabin by selecting material, colors, shape…
All indicators can be used as Do Not Disturb, Attendant Call, TTL, Power Plug Used and all other you could imagine.