Night Vision Lighting

NVIS Modifications

Astronics has the capability to design and manufacture complete lighting systems for the entire aircraft to ensure NVIS compatibility. They can provide products to retrofit existing aircraft or assist in the design of products for new build aircraft.

Product Information

NVIS compatibility is vital to pilots flying helicopters or fixed wing aircraft using night vision goggles (NVG) as they must be able to view displays without light interference. Since being awarded the F-16 NVIS retrofit contract in 1998, Astronics has become the premiere supplier for Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) modification of aircraft including designing and installing complete systems. Astronics offers complete NVIS Compatible and NVIS Friendly lights and filters, custom designed and manufactured.


  • NVG Compatible cockpit lighting
  • NVIS Friendly visible lighting prevents blooming of the NVGs
  • Reduced electrical power consumption and through life costs


  • Equipment modifications
  • Cockpit components: optical filters, pillar lamps, utility lights
  • Supplementary instrument lighting
  • Internal lighting: cargo bay, load ramp, dome light, galley
  •  External lighting: navigation, IR covert formation lights, anti-collision
  • Customized products

Ordering Information

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