Cockpit Controls & Panels

Avionics HMI

Human Machine Interface (HMI) is the user interface of a machine that provides a graphics based visualization of the controls and systems monitoring on a piece of equipment. Membrane switches, rubber keypads, and touchscreens are traditional examples of the HMI that can be seen and touched. Astronics incorporates these elements along with displays, LED's, power supplies, wire harnesses/cable assemblies, and other complex elements to deliver quality product.

  • Avionics Integrated Switch Panels
  • Avionics Keyboards
  • Avionics Bezels
    keyboard panel

Product Information

If you look into the cockpit of any commercial or military aircraft flying today, you will most likely find Astronics keyboards, panels, displays and bezels.  Astronics has developed numerous process and design enhancements to reduce the cost and complexity of keyboards, while maintaining high quality and performance. Our engineers are continuously anticipating and analyzing the dynamic challenges of the aerospace industry, in order to deliver highly reliable and innovative custom solutions.


Design and Testing Capabilities

  • Optical
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Thermal
  • Reliability
  • Systems
  • Manufacturability
  • Component
  • DO-254, DO-178

Design Software and Tools:

  • 3D Modeling Software (pro E and SolidWorks)
  • Thermal Analysis Software
  • PADS Electrical Software
  • Pspice
  • TracePRO

Optical Equipment:

  • Goniophotometer for Light Intensity by Angle
  • Spectro-Radiometric Equipment
  • Surface lighting measurements
  • Spirocon System for HID Lighting Systems
  • NVIS NRa and NRb measurements
  • Effective Candela Measurements

Environmental / Electrical Testing:

  • Thermal (-60°C to +150°C, 10°C per minute)
  • Vibration (3 axis, 50 grms +, all frequency)
  • Altitude Chambers
  • Water testing (dunker, Land Based Tests)
  • Insulation Resistance and Dielectric Strength
  • Spectrum Analyzer for EMI Testing (MIL-STD 472 & RTCA-160)


Ordering Information

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Control Panel Assemblies

If you are looking for more than just an information panel, Astronics can provide a cost effective approach. By combining their mechanical packaging experience with their vertically integrated manufacturing process, Astronics is capable of providing turn-key electronic assemblies. From build-to-print to full electrical and mechanical designs, their experienced expert team will work with you to provide an assembly ready for installation.

Product Information

controll panel assemblies


  • Build-to-print
  • Full design capabilities electrical and mechanical
  • ESS capabilities
  • IPC 610 certified assembly operations
  • Full machining capabilities

Ordering Information

Please contact us for technical inquiries and ordering information.

Controllers and Dimmers

As a provider of integrated cockpit lighting solutions, Astronics understands that the lighting controllers and the illuminated instruments must be designed as a unified system. Innovative solutions include a DC/AC inverter with 16 individually dimmable output channels, an incandescent dimmer designed for all the dimming curve of incandescent devices to track with electroluminescent devices in a mixed EL/Incandescent cockpit, as well as dimmers with PWM capability for LED cockpits. Whatever your cockpit lighting requirements are, Astronics has the solution.

Product Information

Astronics can supply a number of standard "off-the-shelf" power supplies as well as entirely custom made versions to suit particular applications, including PSU systems for cockpits with mixed lighting technologies.


  • DC/AC Inverters with dimmable 115VAC/400 Hz output for electroluminescent applications
  • DC/DC Converters and Dimmers for incandescent and LED applications
  • 28 VDC PWM Dimmers for LED cockpits
  • Ambient light sensors
  • Standard “off-the-shelf” models
  • Custom versions available
  • Tested per RTCA DO-160C, MIL-STD-461
  • High reliability construction
  • Short circuit protection

Ordering Information

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Illuminated Panels

Astronics offers a complete design and production service for all types of avionic control and display panels. 

  • Cockpit EL Panels
  • Cockpit Incandescent Panels
  • Cockpit LED Panels
  • Cockpit Integrated Switch Panels


Product Information

Astronics products offer proven reliability and seamlessly integrate into aerospace applications. Panels are designed to conform fully to all customer and international specifications, and can be fabricated from acrylic or aluminum base material with legends produced by photo-etching, engraving or screen printing.

Astronics' custom designed panels incorporate high reliability customized push button switches. They combine high tactile, audible feedback with long switch life (over 1 million operations). The switch assemblies are fully sealed and are able to conform to the most demanding of environmental test specifications. The company designs and produces the complete control interface, including push button switches, other specified controls and displays together with any required electronic components as a plug on module.

Illuminated Panels

One piece plastic panels. These are panels consisting of one sheet of plastic, utilizing MS25010 lighting assemblies for illumination.

Integrally wired incandescent panels. These are panels consisting of one sheet of plastic with wiring and lamps embedded within the panel.

TYPE V (one piece panel)
Integrally wired panels having replaceable lamps. The lamps can be replaced from either front or rear. Single sheet panels contain embedded wiring, lamp holders and connectors.

TYPE V (two piece panel assembly)
Consists of plastic front sheet with attaching printed circuit board containing lamps, circuitry and connectors.

These are panels illuminated by electroluminescent (EL) lamps. The EL lamps are encapsulated within the panel.

Consists of a plastic front bezel with an attached printed circuit board containing an LED circuit.

Ordering Information

Please contact us for technical inquiries and ordering information.

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