Flight Attendant Bags


The Flight Attendant Bags provide a convenient solution for storing items frequently used on the aircraft.

Flight Attendant Bags Datasheet

Product Information

Each variation of Flight Attendant Bags complies with FAR 25.853 and consists of one or two closing flaps with Velcro. Many sizes are available or they can be customized. The bags are easily accessible from their stowage compartments with large print name identification as well as grabbing/carrying handles.


  • Comply with FAR 25.853 for flammability
  • Various sizes to accommodate many aircraft compartments
  • Customizable sizes and contents
  • Lightweight
  • Carrying handles for each of use

Product Variations

  • Demo Kit – Contains the items flight attendants use to give a safety demonstration to passengers, including a life vest (optional), seat belt extension, and oxygen mask.
  • Seat Belt Extension Kit – Kits used to store seat belt extensions that flight attendants distribute to passengers.Each kit contains 3, 6, 10, or 12 belts.
  • Life Vest Stowage Bag – Empty bags used to store life vests.Bags are available in either adult or infant sizes.
  • Oxygen Mask Stowage Bag – Bag used to stow an oxygen mask.

Ordering Information


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Demo Kit


Seat Belt Extension Kit


Life Vest Stowage Bag


Oxygen Mask Stowage Bag