Lanyards for AD-FAA-2016-9189

Astronics now offers lanyards in response to the recent FAA Airworthiness Directive, AD-FAA-2016-9189 regarding passenger service units (PSUs). This AD affects aircraft from Boeing, including the 737-600, -700, 700C, -800, -900, and -900ER series.

The AD requires modifying the PSUs and life vest panels by replacing the existing inboard lanyard and installing two new lanyards on the outboard edge of the PSUs and life vest panels, measuring the distance between the hooks of the torsion spring of the lanyard assembly, replacing discrepant lanyard assemblies, and re-identifying serviceable lanyard assemblies.

Our lanyards prevent the PSU from falling on passengers and enable operators to service the PSU without completely removing it from the airplane.

For complete technical details and order information, please contact Astronics PECO.

Lanyards for AD-FAA-2016-9189