Astronics Max-Viz FAQ

How EVS Works and EVS Specifications

  • What is EFVS? What is EVS?

  • What does it mean that this EVS is “Uncooled”?

  • How light and small is Astronics Max-Viz EVS?

  • How does EVS work in icy conditions?

  • What kinds of displays work with your EVS systems?

  • What are the Regulations regarding EVS?

  • Are there any special requirements with regards to cleaning the Astronics Max-Viz systems?

How EVS Compares To or Is Used In Conjunction with Other Systems

  • Why do I need EVS if I already have SVS installed on my aircraft?

  • What is the difference between SVS, EVS, CVS and VCVS?

  • Do EVS systems and Night Vision Goggles (NVG’s) operate the same way?

  • Can EVS systems and NVG’s see the same thing during the day and during the night? Are there limitations?

  • Why is the combination of EVS and NVG such a powerful solution?

  • What is HTAWS?

  • How does HTAWS get its information?

  • How does HTAWS present this information?

  • Do HTAWS Data Bases Require Updates?

FAA Rulings on EVS

  • Is a HUD really necessary for EFVS?

  • Does the EFVS NPRM apply to Helicopters as well?

  • My Astronics Max-Viz EVS system has a FAA-PMA label on it with various aircraft models listed, but my aircraft model is not listed. Should I be concerned and, if not, why is the label on the camera?

  • Is the EFVS NPRM a good thing for Astronics Max-Viz?

Questions About the Value and Financial Justification for EVS

  • How can EVS help me preserve my assets (aircraft and people)?

  • What are the tax and insurance implications if I buy a new EVS system?

  • How many years have you been in business and how solid is your financial position?

EVS Export Information

  • Is Astronics Max-Viz EVS technology controlled under International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)?

  • Is an export license required for international sales?

  • Who is responsible for the export license processing?

  • How long does the export application take?

  • Could you explain the process for an export application?

  • Are there any countries that Astronics Max-Viz EVS products cannot be exported to?

  • Are there any countries where export does not take as long as you presented (30-45 days)?

  • I just want to purchase EVS in the United States and bypass the export process.

  • How can I get more information?

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