Lighting & Safety Feature Stories

VIP Aircraft Lighting Glows with New Controllable Options and Weight Saving Technologies

Lighting is the unsung hero of a VIP or business jet cabin environment. Hardworking yet quiet, lighting helps set an overall mood, prepares people for productive or relaxing activities, and illuminates the tasks at hand. One may not think of lighting as a technological wonder, but recent advancements on a variety of fronts are saving VIP and business jet operators weight, complexity, and operational cost while providing passengers and crews with more control than ever.

Some of the newest advancements are in controllable lighting options, such as fiber optic ambient lighting that can illuminate sidewall panels, window bezels, even seat edges. Theses lights provide literally 16 million color choices to coordinate with any cabin environment, and designers can choose certain lights for day, certain colors for night, or set a rotating palette throughout a flight using an application on a tablet or phone. Tiny and efficient, fiber optic lighting can save significant weight and fuel costs over the lifetime of a jet’s operations.

Also new to the market is ultra-controllable task lighting for passengers. The new Mila reading light, for example, offers the convenience of both localized mood lighting combined with task lighting. Passengers can control and adjust the personal light without disturbing other passengers or illuminating the cabin aisle. Cabin designers can use the accompanying software to adjust the lighting intensity, touch effects, and light colors. An extensive catalog of colors and finishes ensures options for all cabin designs.

Controlled by a touch, tiny by design, these reading lights and ambient lighting options are the future of tomorrow’s coolest business jet interiors.