Connectivity & Data Feature Stories

Gleaning Aircraft Operational Information in Real Time is a Growth Trend for Business and Commercial Aircraft

The connectivity of the aircraft is an exciting arena, with innovations announced every day. One of the newer areas of interest is the ability to gather and use aircraft data in real time to improve aircraft operational efficiencies. That’s why Astronics has introduced the new webCS® aircraft communications server. This is the first smart aircraft interface device (AID) combined with a server and a router that makes it easy for aircraft operators to capture, record, process and even act on aircraft data in real-time.

Jon Neal, Vice President and General Manager of Astronics Ballard Technology, explains: “Never before has there been a device so small to combine all of these capabilities into one seamlessly integrated box. Up until now, AID/server solutions have been built as closed systems that require the hardware vendor to deploy new or updated software. With our secure, open-architecture approach, we empower our customers to develop and control the software applications running on the webCS. With the webCS, there is no need to worry about compatibility issues that can occur with add-on components or when connecting multiple boxes together.”

The webCS greatly simplifies the process of adding data-centric technology to commercial and business aircraft. This single device combines functions that were traditionally performed by several separate components, reducing the equipment footprint, simplifying installation design, and eliminating integration issues, resulting in significant savings. The webCS manages multiple communication pathways and features a new low profile Wi-Fi and cellular antenna array as an integral part of the compact, innovative design.

The webCS is simple to install and configure, safe to interface with aircraft domains, and provides highly secure data transfer. Learn more how this aircraft interface device can improve aircraft operational efficiencies.