Regulated Power Conversion Unit

Regulated Power Conversion Unit

The Astronics Regulated Power Conversion Unit (RPCU) performs the function of a traditional Transformer Rectifier Unit (TRU) leveraging solid state technology to provide dramatic improvements in performance.

The RPCU takes variable frequency 3-phase 115VAC input power (324Hz to 800Hz) and converts it to regulated 28VDC output. Astronics currently offers two RPCU options: 250 Amp output and 150 Amp output.

Why Astronics RPCU?

Input Current Waveform

Traditional TRU input currentAstronics input current waveform

The input current of a traditional TRU is a stair-step waveform. The Astronics RPCU input current waveform is a nearly perfect sinusoid. This reduces the voltage distortion imposed on the AC bus, greatly improving AC power quality.

Output Voltage Ripple

Traditional TRU output rippleAstronics output voltage

The output voltage ripple of the Astronics RPCU power output is extremely low, reducing stress on the load electronics. This also makes it easier to meet DC bus power quality requirements.

Output Regulation with Input Voltage Change

Traditional TRU output regulationAstronics output regulation

The output maintains the same regulated voltage regardless of input AC voltage. This decouples the AC power system regulation from the DC power system analysis. The RPCU can allocate more voltage droop to power distribution, reducing the size and weight of wiring while still meeting power quality requirements.

AC Transient

Traditional TRU AC transientAstronics AC transient

The Astronics RPCU rejects AC input power surges, preventing them from damaging DC load electronics.

Output Regulation with Load Change

Traditional TRU output regulationAstronics output regulation

With no voltage droop present at the output of the RPCU due to increased loading, the unit can allocate voltage droop to DC power distribution, reducing the size and weight of wiring.

Performance Advantage

  • Low current distortion, 1.68%
  • 3X reduction in power dissipation—94% efficient
  • Precision voltage regulation, +/- 0.3V

Significant Size and Weight Advantage

  • 20-30% lower RPCU unit weight
  • 20% smaller in size
  • Reduction in feeder wire gauge—easy to install in various locations

Reduced Noise, Improved Passenger Experience

  • 150 Amp RPCU has no fan. No fan = no noise.
  • 250 Amp RPCU fan operates only when needed, significantly reducing noise.

Additional Advantages Over Traditional TRU

  • Ability to parallel multiple units without derating
  • Built-in test (BIT) capability
  • Active health management (I2T, fault coordination, and reporting)

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