Electrical Power Distribution Systems / CorePower®

CorePower® systems from Astronics replace traditional thermal mechanical breaker systems with intelligently controlled solid state switches providing unprecedented reliability andCorePower logo w Circle R copysafety.

Benefits and highlights include:

  • Technology Upgrade - electrical components replace many traditional electromechanical components
  • Higher Reliability - up to 20 times higher system reliability (electronic circuit breakers versus traditional breakers)
  • Weight Reduction - overall reduction of wire weight by 30%
  • Decreased Power Dissipation - 60% less wasted power
  • Increased Safety - parallel arc fault protection
  • Modernized - cockpit look and feel
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost - 40% decrease in cost (reduced installation and maintenance)
  • Reduced Crew Workload - intelligent system integrates and automates control functions with fewer panels than before

Electronic Circuit Breaker Unit (basic) Electronic Circuit Breaker Unit (enhanced)

CorePower® Electronic Circuit Breaker Units (ECBUs) are used in power distribution systems, with the unique capability to be conveniently located throughout the aircraft. Smaller and lighter than their conventional counterparts, ECBUs create a more evenly distributed system. This distributed system allows for less wire throughout the aircraft, as well as aids in arc fault detection, replacement of many switches, relays, controllers, and contactors. 

Astronics’ CorePower® aircraft Electrical Power Distribution Systems are uniquely suited for today's sophisticated corporate jets, UAVs, and advanced helicopter programs. With a history of high reliability, they are an ideal choice for aircraft power distribution.