Dual Frequency Converter Unit

Dual Frequency Converter Unit

The Dual Frequency Converter Unit (DFCU) is a revolutionary departure from traditional converters. With its ability to produce either 115 or 230 volts AC, the DFCU can support passenger and utility power anywhere in the world an aircraft operates.

Additionally, the DFCU utilizes the latest Solid-State Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB) technology. It uses ten (10) programmable ECB outputs to custom configure the cabin to meet customer requirements.

The benefits are numerous. Whether for OEM or aftermarket installation, dual frequency means never having to remove and replace equipment regardless of where the aircraft operates during its lifetime.

By utilizing ECBs along with GFI-equipped outlets at each output, cabin designers can eliminate the use of heavy and costly distribution panels, wire and installation labor.

For passengers, it means a constant source of power. Rather than disabling the entire system for a tripped breaker, the self-protection aspects of the DFCU and the ability to reset a tripped outlet means no interruption of service. This keeps passengers productive and entertained.

DFCU Sample Configuration

Power Advantage


115VAC, 324-800Hz, 3-phase


4kVA of total AC power
10 ECB controlled outputs at 115VAC/ 60Hz OR 230VAC/50Hz (output mode is pin selectable)

Feature Advantage

  • MTBF: Airborne inhabited, 43,750 Flight Hours
  • Design is based upon our patented, highly efficient, state-of-the-art power supply technology
  • AC outputs can be either 115VAC at 60Hz or 230VAC at 50Hz
  • Provides clean sine wave power for laptop computers, portable electronic devices (PEDs), lavatory, and galley
  • Ten programmable AC Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB) outputs with configurable ratings: Qty7@15A and Qty3@10A at 115VAC, or Qty10@10A at 230VAC
  • Fault and status reporting via ARINC 429 and RS-485
  • MIL-DTL-38999, Series III input/output connectors
  • Meets RTCA/DO-160G
  • Operation from -45ºC to +70ºC at full load
  • Normal operation during input voltage condition of 97VAC-134VAC
  • Regulated output voltage

Customer Advantage

  • Provides reliable consistent power to stay productive, entertained, and connected
  • Eliminates conventional distribution panels
  • Reduces cost to install
  • Reduces overall system weight

Safety Advantage

  • Intelligent thermal management system
  • Remote ON/OFF
  • Over-current and over-voltage protection circuits
  • Load shedding of outputs with programmable priority scheme to prevent overloading conditions

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