Aircraft Wireless Charging Module

Cord-Free Charging for your Aircraft Cabin

Let your passengers cut the cord and join the cable-free future.

Astronics Advanced Electronics Systems (AES) introduces an onboard, innovative, aircraft cabin inductive Wireless Charging Module (WCM) that provides airlines and passengers with a convenient way to charge their wireless-enabled devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, cameras, and tablets.

Over 1 billion wireless charging-enabled consumer devices will enter the consumer electronics market by 2020. More than 70 models of smartphones are now Qi wireless charging enabled. As more airline passengers carry these devices onboard, wireless charging will be an expected amenity. Get ahead of this demand by providing this innovative charging capability on board today from Astronics, the industry leader in aircraft cabin power solutions.

Aircraft seat manufacturers can integrate the high power, small form factor WCM into their latest seat offerings and tray tables without sacrificing seat aesthetics. Wireless charging means fewer charging cables and power adapters creating a tidy cabin area.

How It Works

Charging takes place when energy passes between a transmitter (WCM) and receiver coil (consumer device) that are placed close together. This simple principle makes inductive charging technology great for direct-contact applications such as aircraft seat furniture and food tray tables. The Astronics WCM employs a multi-coil system, creating a much larger charging area and eliminating the alignment issues with other manufacturers’ charging modules.

A Future-Proof Investment in PED Charging

The Astronics WCM provides up to 15 watts of power, up to three times that of 5 watt charging solutions. Support the latest quick charge products for years to come.

Installation benefits:

  • Lightweight, small-size form factor affords seat, galley, and aircraft furniture manufacturers the ability to seamlessly integrate this new technology into their products
  • Standard +28VDC input voltage
  • Quick installation and removal
  • No mechanical interface (connectors) to wear out
  • 15 watt output power

Qi-certified Wireless Charging for Safety

Astronics is a member of the Qi Wireless Power Consortium and developed the Qi-certified WCM to the highest quality standards.

What are the risks of non-certified wireless chargers?

  • Safety due to overheating:

    Independent test labs found non-certified product temperatures reaching nearly 200°F

  • Device damage risks:

    Over-temperature and overvoltage can damage devices

  • Incompatibility:

    Non-certified products may be incompatible with other wireless charging products.

For More Information

For more information on the Wireless Charging Module, or to request a quote, contact sales.