Electronic Circuit Breaker Unit

28VDC or 115VAC Electronic Circuit Breaker Unit

The CorePower® DC or AC Electronic Circuit Breaker Unit replaces conventional thermal mechanical circuit breakers and functions as both a breaker and a switch for controlling loads. By placing ECBUs closer to loads, aircraft manufacturers gain a significant reduction in wire weight, need fewer system components, and lower installation labor costs while increasing safety, efficiency, and reliability. This new smaller unit requires less space and provides more flexible mounting options.

From Complex to Simple and More Reliable

An ECB simplifies aircraft electrical systems by integrating breaker, switch, and relay functions into a single solid-state device with no inherent wear-out mechanism, dramatically improving reliability. Available in one 28VDC programmable card or 3-phase 115VAC.


Clean cockpit system interface eliminates complex switches and large panels.

Why Astronics ECBU?

Compact & Flexible Packaging

  • Small form factor autonomous ECB cards allow single card enclosure for tight installations
  • The high efficiency design enables convection cooling in ambient environment
  • Enclosure design is common to both DC and AC ECB cards, providing stacking of 1, 2, 3 or more ECB cards, including mixed configurations

1-card enclosure
1-Card Enclosure

2-card enclosure
2-Card Enclosure

Reduced Costs and Weight

  • Eliminate electromechanical devices such as mechanical breakers, relays, contactors, and switches and the labor associated with their installation
  • Significant reduction in wiring and the associated labor to build and install harnesses

Traditional aircraft wiring

Electronic power distribution wiring

High Integrity Design

  • Hardware is qualified to RTCA/DO-160G
  • Hardware is developed to RTCA/DO-254 DAL B
  • Software is developed to RTCA/DO-178C Level A
  • Flight-proven reliability with over 10 million ECH failure-free flight hours

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Ordering Information

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