ActivATE Test Management Software

Semiconductor Test Software

Easily create and run robust test programs in semiconductor automated test systems with ActivATE™ test management software. Designed by test engineers for test engineers, ActivATE™ tames automated test complexities with elegant simplicity.  

Product Information

ActivATE™ is a powerful framework comprised of an integrated development environment (IDE), a test sequencer, and a device manager. Test engineers can rapidly create and deploy test programs using standard production languages.  Ship new products faster than ever before with this all-in-one test executive software, where you can run up to 36 programs simultaneously and independently to identify defects, streamline your operations, and reduce your cost of test.

ActivATE™ is intended for use exclusively with Astronics' semiconductor test equipment, where it enables our testers to provide massively parallel test capability. For nearly 20 years, leading semiconductor companies have trusted ActivATE™ to verify the performance of billions of semiconductor devices worldwide. 

OC Tech Alliance High-Tech Innovation Awards 2015

Semiconductor Test SoftwareAn All-In-One Test Management Solution

The award-winning ActivATE™ simplifies development and execution of your test plans by serving as your single test software solution:

  • One single turnkey program used in development, engineering, and production
  • Enables testing of multiple devices and sites, simultaneously
  • Acts as an IDE, test sequencer, AND device manager
  • Runs up to 36 programs simultaneously and independently in 3 different languages
  • Logs pass/fail results and drives product binning
  • Includes integrated debugger that allows the test engineer to debug and step through test code, view, and modify variables
  • Runs test programs in a GUI environment or as a background task
  • Provides excellent control over the test flow including branching, pause-on-fail, step, disable, and more
  • Test results can be formatted as PDF, HTML, Word, Text, or CSV for easy export

ActivATE SoftwareEasy to Use

ActivATE™ test management software is a single program, used by both test developers as well as production floor techicians. Engineers typically learn to drive ActivATE™ within a day. 

  • Intuitive dashboard for viewing production at-a-glance
  • Easy to customize – quickly setup, configure and optimize complex test plans
  • Designed for the product engineer vs software experts
  • Based on .NET for a familiar Windows-based look and feel
  • Simplified reporting outputs (i.e., STDF format) and streamline linkages to databases (e.g., data analytics)

Flexible and Extensible

The .NET architecture means ActivATE™ is easy to adapt, customize and scale.

  • Add instrument drivers and other updates
  • Quickly adapt your existing test program sets or build your own
  • Program with C#, VB.NET, or VBScript

ActivATE Multi-Threading CapabilitySaves Time and Engineering Resources

ActivATE™ enables many software resources to simultaneously develop test programs, from program architects to test engineers. This parallell approach accelerates the test program development schedule, delivering a faster time to fully automated test.

In addition, the software speed and capacity is unmatched:

  • Enables up to 36 test interface units (TIUs) to execute test programs in parallel
  • Data-centric architecture manages large amounts of data in various formats
  • Combs through 1 GB per hour of data from a fully loaded tester

These savings in engineering and testing time deliver a faster time-to-volume, units-per-hour (UPH), and ultimately a reduced cost-of-test. 

A Secure Solution

nid%3D454%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneThe ActivATE™ Test Platform software requires a login ID and Password separate from the operating system login. Set your permission levels for all 4 types of users: admin, engineer, technician and operator. 


Services and Support

Together, the synergy of our engineer to engineer collaboration will help to ensure your success. We offer:

  • Dedicated program managers
  • A global team supporting installation, training, and maintenance
  • Online help and complete documentation