IFEC Modem Managers


The Astronics CSC Modem Manager (ModMan) provides high-flying, high-performance IP SATCOM broadband connectivity. Optimized to take advantage of today's advanced High Throughput Satellite (HTS) technology, the ModMan provides fast, secure, and reliable IP communications to airline passengers, crew, and airline operations personnel.

A Reliable Modem Manager

Astronics CSC partners with some of the largest satellite and IFEC providers by integrating the latest HTS modems in an ARINC 791 compliant ModMan.

This modem manager combines the unique needs of airborne satellite communications with a full-featured airborne server. The 4 MCU ARINC 600 Line-Replaceable Unit (LRU) consists of two modems plus a modern airborne server that goes well beyond the requirements of ARINC 791 in terms of functionality and advanced features.

Paired with Astronics CSC's expertise in developing airborne servers and other advanced inflight entertainment equipment, the ModMan takes advantage of a partnership that will ensure a high-value and fulfilling passenger connectivity experience.

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