Rugged Ethernet Switches


The MPR-ES-1 is a full-featured Ethernet switch implemented on a rugged PMC card. It is ideal for embedded networking applications in both conduction and convection cooled systems.

Key Features:

  • Managed or unmanaged operation (unmanaged by default)
  • Health monitoring
  • Easy integration in embedded systems

Product Information

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MPR-ES-1 Rugged Ethernet Switch Card

The rugged MPR-ES-1 is a full-featured Ethernet switch PMC card. It features 8 fast switch ports and one GigE switch/uplink port brought to the card's P14 rear I/O connector. A second GigE port provides a direct host connection through an on-board Ethernet controller (NIC).

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MPR-ES-1 Rugged Ethernet PMC

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