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With over 25 years of experience in lighting systems, Astronics PGA brings you technical quality, durability, and manufacturing with short delivery times. Major airlines and VIP seat manufacturers use Astronics lighting systems on platforms ranging from corporate jets to widebody Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

Carat® Light

A Complete Family

Astronics PGA offers a full range of lighting products to match your needs.

Our high-end lighting systems expertise allows us to propose a wide range of solutions from a fully customized reading light that matches designers’ expectations to a signature product especially engineered for your particular needs. Our lighting systems can communicate and adapt to the cabin environment on demand to increase passenger comfort by adjusting intensity or colors in infinite combinations.

Standard individual reading lights are available in a large choice of options: mounting, colors, dimming, and material.

Your Reading Light

Custom Reading Lights

Missing a product? Any specific requests?

Astronics PGA's innovative team of design and optical experts listens to your ideas to build a collaborative project and provide fast prototyping and production. Moreover, they are always available to support you and answer any questions you may have.


Calypso light is modern and popular for any pure cabin design. Invisible when closed but so useful and intuitive when you need it.

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Choose Your Finish

Available in a large choice of finishes or a custom, on-demand finish, Calypso design allows you to customize and make it yours.

Night LEDs Customization

Night LEDs give Calypso an intuitive on/off function that is easily operated in the dark and works by pressing its light strip area. Just put your finger on it and Calypso opens like a clam shell delivering comfortable, soft light without blinding you. Night LEDs are customizable in different colors to match the overall design.

Night LEDs customization
Make your color light comfortable

Make Your Color Light Comfortable

Customize the light's color to your preferred ambiance for passengers. Moreover, the light can turn on gradually up to 1,000 Lumens allowing extra comfort without disturbing other passengers.

Always in a Good Direction

An integrated rotation feature follows you in any seat position. It offers a 45° angle and a 30° rotation to match passenger needs delivering natural, soft light perfect for working, reading, and much more.

Always in the good direction


Mila, the new 2-in-1 personal reading light of the Carat® Light family, illuminates the passenger environment.

The modern and intuitive design offers excellent functionality while providing optimal visual integration in the cabin. The passenger touches the center of the light to illuminate it, while setting the position to achieve any reading angle. This new lighting product includes a mood lighting effect coupled with a primary lighting function.

Mila will be commercially available in early 2019.

Product Information


Astronics PGA combined its years of expertise in aircraft interior cabin lighting with the talents of a famous designer to create the new Mila Series.


The Passenger Aesthetic in Mind

Mila is the first standard aircraft reading light crafted in partnership with a famous design house. New and intuitive, Mila is the personal light that's meant to be remembered.

Luminous Halo: The Essence of the Carat Light Brand

Based on detailed research and years of experience, the Mila offers unparalleled quality.

The luminous inner halo is completely customizable and can be used for practical and simply aesthetic purposes. Use it to enhance your cabin illumination scheme or as your airline's standout branding.

PGA Nuancia system
Make your color light comfortable

Controlled with a Touch

The tactile surface of Mila presents a new and intuitive way to control in-seat lighting.

Omega Ring

The Omega Ring focuses the reading light beam right where you need it. Precisely control and adjust the personal light without disturbing other passengers or illuminating the cabin aisle.


Define Your Optimal Configuration

Intuitive software puts you in control to adjust the lighting intensity, touch effects, and light colors.

When paired with the Carat ecosystem, more features and possibilities are unlocked -- without requiring hardware modifications.

Ask the Astronics PGA team for more information about our Carat universe and tools.

The Most Customizable Reading Light Available

Internally, the Mila is mechanically and electronically standardized. Optimize the look for your aircraft with our expansive catalogue of finishes and renderings. The possibilities are nearly limitless, and with more than 23 million configuration possibilities, the perfect match is waiting for you.

Contact us to start the conversation today.


Rotary Spot Light

The Rotary Spot Light gives you light anywhere you need it with its 360° rotation. This light is the easiest to integrate due to its elegant and modern design. With customization, this reading light will perfectly fit any cabin style.

Product Information

Rotary Spot Light

Choose Your Finish

Available in a large choice of finishes or a custom, on-demand finish, Rotary Spot Light design allows you to customize and make it yours.

Make Your Color Light Comfortable

Customize the light's color to your preferred ambiance for passengers. With the touch of a button, the LED spot light can gradually illuminate up to 1,000 Lumens (three times more than previous versions) toward your passenger’s book, magazine, or laptop keyboard.

Astronics provides different push button options available in lots of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Make your color light comfortable
Always in the good direction

Always in a Good Direction

The rotary spot light adapts to any reading position and can integrate into seat backs, bed heads, or walls. Through use of innovative technology, the ball joint can tilt to a 25° angle and rotate in all directions without any restrictions.


The Snake Light is available in different head designs mounted on a classic, flexible gooseneck in a high quality leather. Snake Lights can make personal reading light accessible in any position.

Product Information


The Finger LED Light offers a straight beam for passengers.

With an intuitive, rotating on-and-off head switch, the flexible body adapts to any reading position and can integrate into seat backs, bed heads, or walls with different mounting clamps. It also offers intuitive dimming levels with a simple rotation.



Cobra LED Light offers a 90° beam for passengers.

The U-Cobra LED reading light features an adjustable light body and a rotating head up to 90° to match all seating positions, convenient dimming levels, and long-lasting use. It provides unrestricted direct light over a passenger’s book, laptop keyboard, or magazine. and on-demand dimming levels driven by head buttons.



The Swing LED Light offers a straight light beam for passengers.

The Swing LED reading light is dedicated to passengers’ individual lighting needs with an uncluttered design, light body, and low power consumption. The adjustable neck allows direct light, up to 150 lumens, where your passengers need it most for their own personal space.



The Azure LED Light offers a 90° light beam for passengers.

The adjustable light body can match all seating positions with convenient, on-demand dimming levels, and long-lasting use.


Flexible & Fixing

Follow Your Cabin Design

Leather and stitching wire make the reading lights match any seat design.

Bring your leather or ask for available off-the-shelf colors. Astronics PGA can even use furniture from haute-couture houses.

Follow your cabin design
Aesthetic fixation device to enhance global appeal

Aesthetic Fixation Device Enhances Global Appeal

Bezel is the perfect link between the Snake Light and the seat. Choose any shape and finish to match your interior.

Custom Reading Lights

Innovation team has all skills and workforce to make your design. From paper to a final product, certified and with high quality feeling, Astronics can make your design becomes reality.

Custom Reading Lights for Your Aircraft

From Design to Concept

Whether you have a specific design or just an idea, Astronics PGA will help to create your design concepts. Integrating ergonomic aspects and technical requirements we'll make an innovative concept feasible in your schedule.

From design to concept
From concept to prototype

From Concept to Prototype

Astronics PGA has everything to design and manufacture a realistic rendering prototype. 3D printing helps shorten leadtime and gives us the opportunity to show various concepts to assist customers with their final choice.

From Prototype to Production and Certification

Astronics PGA's skills enable us to make the final concept in accordance with state-of-the-art and certification requirements. Our facilities provide reduced leadtimes and consistent quality during all stages of our in-house production process.

From prototype to production and certification