Aircraft Interface Devices (AID)


Astronics' versatile Aircraft Interface Devices (AIDs) solve avionics system integration and compatibility problems and play a key role in today's modern connected aircraft .

Astronics is recognized by the airline industry as an expert in the design and manufacture of reliable, cost-effective Aircraft Interface Devices.

Product Info

Rugged Aircraft Interface Devices from Astronics are an essential part of many avionics upgrades, such as electronic flight bag (EFB) and in-flight entertainment & connectivity (IFEC) systems. AIDs serve avionics data while protecting aircraft control domains from interference and corruption.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive AID solutions
  • Broad array of avionics I/O
  • High-level functionality to meet the changing needs of the modern airline industry

Common Aid Functions

The illustrations below show the most common uses for Aircraft Interface Devices.

AID Data/Protocol ConvertingAID Data ConcentratingAID Data Serving

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Smart Aircraft Interface Devices/Servers

webFB Wireless Electronic Flight Bag

webFB is a new and innovative Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) platform that allows you to easily gather aircraft data, run custom software or EFB applications, and securely view these applications on your choice of wireless devices.

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webFB Wireless Electronic Flight Bag

webCS Wireless Aircraft Communications Server

The webCS® is the first highly-integrated smart AID/server/router that securely bridges avionics data with wired and wireless networks in a single compact box.

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webCS Wireless Aircraft Communications Server

Standard Aircraft Interface Devices

AB2-AID Aircraft Interface Device

The AB2-AID is a comprehensive AID solution with a broad array of avionics I/O and high-level functionality to meet the changing needs of the modern airline industry. It utilizes a proven rugged design for high reliability and long life.

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AB2-AID Aircraft Interface Device

AB2-VDU Video Distribution Unit

The AB2-VDU Video Distribution Unit (VDU) is an ARINC 708 databus repeater. It enables up to four (4) radar Control/Display Units (CDUs) to be driven by a single display databus.

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AB2-VDU ARINC 708 Video Display Unit

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Avionics Databus Protocol Tutorials

Learn more about avionics databus protocols in our Tutorial section.

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