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EmPower® In-Seat Power Supply


EmPower® In-Seat Power Systems are the premier solution for linefit and retrofit in-seat power on Airbus, Boeing and other aircraft. EmPower® Systems provide the highest available power, up to 150 VA per outlet, to support the latest laptops and personal entertainment devices. Every EmPower® In-Seat Power System System is based on patented, highly efficient power supply technology with enhanced safety features to address the most demanding requirements. In addition to being FAA certified and DO-160D compliant, PMA is available on multiple types of aircraft.

Enhanced features include:

    EMPOWER® In-Seat Power System
  • Fully compliant with FAA guidelines on PC power systems
  • GFI circuit protection
  • Dual redundant thermal management protection
  • Short circuit, over/under voltage protection with auto recovery and GFI protection for AC
  • Meets DO-160D, Boeing and Airbus requirements
  • Silent, fan-less operation
  • Includes RS-485 interface to meet the Airbus “Enhanced Cabin” architecture with integrated IFE for total cabin power management. Compliant with ARINC-485 specification.
  • Includes separate DC power outputs for individual reading lights and up to three (independent) in-use light indicators per in-seat power supply (ISPS)
  • Provisioned for future upgradeability to include additional function and features such as Wireless LAN, noise canceling, seat power control card and more
  • More power, yet less weight than competing systems
EMPOWER® In-Seat Power System


EMPOWER® In-Seat Power System with cable
  • AC Output: 225 VA total - up to 150 VA per output
  • Two and three outlet versions at 150 VA per outlet for a total power of up to 225 VA per ISPS
  • UL 943 GFI (6mA/30mS)
  • Weighs 1.89 lbs (nominal) and is compatible with existing EmPower® DC System ISPS mounting and cabin cabling
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