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EmPower® In-Seat Power Supply


EmPower® In-Seat Power Systems are the premier solution for linefit and retrofit in-seat power on Airbus, Boeing and other aircraft. EmPower® Systems provide the highest available power, up to 150 VA per outlet, to support the latest laptops and personal entertainment devices. Every EmPower® In-Seat Power System is based on patented, highly efficient power supply technology with enhanced safety features to address the most demanding requirements. In addition to being FAA certified and DO-160D compliant, PMA is available on multiple types of aircraft.

Enhanced features include:

    EMPOWER® In-Seat Power System
  • Fully compliant with FAA guidelines on PC power systems
  • GFI circuit protection
  • Dual redundant thermal management protection
  • Short circuit, over/under voltage protection with auto recovery and GFI protection for AC
  • Meets DO-160D, Boeing and Airbus requirements
  • Silent, fan-less operation
  • Includes RS-485 interface to meet the Airbus “Enhanced Cabin” architecture with integrated IFE for total cabin power management. Compliant with ARINC-485 specification.
  • Includes separate DC power outputs for individual reading lights and up to three (independent) in-use light indicators per in-seat power supply (ISPS)
  • Provisioned for future upgradeability to include additional function and features such as Wireless LAN, noise canceling, seat power control card and more
  • More power, yet less weight than competing systems
EMPOWER® In-Seat Power System


EMPOWER® In-Seat Power System with cable
  • AC Output: 225 VA total - up to 150 VA per output
  • Two and three outlet versions at 150 VA per outlet for a total power of up to 225 VA per ISPS
  • UL 943 GFI (6mA/30mS)
  • Weighs 1.89 lbs (nominal) and is compatible with existing EmPower® DC System ISPS mounting and cabin cabling
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