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Aircraft Safety
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Aircraft Safety

Aircraft Emergency & Survival Products

Astronics DME specializes in manufacturing aviation lighting, safety, and survival products. We have over 30 years of experience providing quality products to aircraft OEMs, airlines, and MRO facilities.

Most products are delivered within two weeks and many are stocked to meet your AOG requirements.

Products Include

Customer Product Support

We are committed to supporting our quality products in the shortest possible turnaround time. For inquiries on product warranty or RMA, please contact 954.975.2123.


Astronics DMEís Air Lite™ 1E Featured in Story by IFExpress
Astronics DME was recently featured on the front page of IFExpressí website and newsletter. The story focuses on how much weight an aircraft saves by switching the flashlights to the Air Lite™ 1E LED flashlight system: one pound per unit! An additional pound of weight costs an airline $200/pound per year up to $1,000/pound per year. Read all the details in the attached article here.

Astronics DMEís Air Lite™ 1E Highlighted in PAX International Article
Astronics DME was recently highlighted in a PAX International story about the Boeing 787ís new handheld lights. The Air Lite™ 1E flashlight utilizes the latest LED technology, is one pound lighter than its predecessor, and can fit in the original wall mounts. The Air Lite™ 1E has been flying on other Boeing and Airbus planes since 2007. Read all about it in the attached article here.

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